15ves mis Me 2016

Gorthugher da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma An Nowodhow war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good evening, and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ (‘The News’) on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Yma an desedheger kreslu ha drogober nowydh a-barth Dewnens ha Kernow, Alison Hernandez, owth enebi gorholethow y tal dhedhi “sevel a-denewen” ha hi ow pos hwithrys gans an kreslu.

Yma Mestres Hernandez ow pos hwithrys ow tochya kostys etholans ollgemmyn yn Torquay y’n vledhen eus passyes, pan o hi an vaynores etholans a-barth an Parti Mentenour. Kuhudhys yw, hi dhe fyllel a dhisklerya an kostys oll. Hi re naghas an kablow.

Kres an kablow yw, na wrug hi disklerya kostys ostyans an weresoryon barti hag o omvyskys y’n oberyans “kyttrin bresel”.

Erbynoryon bolitek Mestres Hernandez re leveris yma “kontradians lesow”, mes Mestres Hernandez re naghas an chalenjys.

An kowethyans a ganasedh sodhogyon greslu y’gan ranndir, Keffrysyans Kreslu Dewnens ha Kernow, re dhervynas an soodh dhe wortos gwag, erna vo an hwithrans kollenwys.

Mestres Hernandez a veu fastyes avel desedheger yn solempnita dhe Vurjesti Karesk, dy’Meurth.

Dy’Yow, Desedhek Anserghek rag Krodhvolyow Erbynn an Kreslu a dheklaryas y tasweli ev an kablow erbynn Mestres Hernandez.

The new Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, Alison Hernandez, is facing demands that she should "stand aside" while she is investigated by police.

Ms Hernandez is being investigated concerning general election expenses in Torbay last year, when she was the election agent for the Conservative party. It is alleged that she failed to declare all the costs. She has denied the accusations.

At the centre of the allegations is her failure to declare the accommodation costs of party helpers involved in the "battle bus" operation.

Ms Hernandez’ political opponents have said there is a "conflict of interest", but Ms Hernandez has denied the claims.

The organisation that represents police officers in our region, the Devon and Cornwall Police Federation, has demanded that the post remain vacant until the investigation is completed.

Ms Hernandez was installed as commissioner in a ceremony at Exeter Guildhall on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced that it would review the allegations against Ms Hernandez.

Ny omglew hwath meur a veni dhe Glavji Kernow Riel may hyllons i derivas kammgemeransow, herwydh kuhudhor.

Steve Turner, neb a gaskyrgh a-barth ygerneth y’n Gonis Yeghes Kenedhlek, a leveris: “An pyth a glewav gans meni yw... yth esons i owth assaya dhe wul gwella gallons, mes kales yw dhe dherivas bernyow. My a garsa tybi yma henna ow chanjya, mes kesson re beu dres an eth bledhen eus passyes.”

Nans yw teyr bledhen, derivas a dhiskudhas meur a dhefowtow y’n fordh may tyghtyas an klavji krodhvolyow erbynn leuvvedhek kyns.

Y feu an klavji keblys drefen na wrug ev tra vyth wosa krodhvolyow a-dro dhe leuvvedhek bengorfoniethel Rob Jones. Yn despit dhe assaya ewnhe an plit, a-gynsow y feu an klavji renkys onan a’n gwettha y’n vro ow tochya dyski gans kammgemeransow.

Dyghtyoryon a leveris re wrussons “myns meur a lavur ow tasweles mernansow hag ow tyski gans kammgemeransow”.

Many staff at the the Royal Cornwall Hospital still don't feel able to report mistakes, according to a whistleblower.

Steve Turner, who campaigns for openness in the NHS, said: “What I hear from staff is that... they’re trying to do their best, but it's difficult to raise concerns. I'd like to think that that’s changing, but it's been consistent over the last eight years."

Three years ago, a report revealed many failures in the way the hospital dealt with complaints about a former surgeon.

The hospital was criticised for failing to act on complaints about gynaecology surgeon Rob Jones. Despite trying to improve the situation, the hospital was recently ranked one of the worst in the country at learning from mistakes.

Managers said they had done “a large amount of work reviewing deaths and learning from mistakes”.

Dy’Sul eus passyes, Helen Glover, dhyworth Lulyn, ha’y heskowethes Heather Stanning, dhyworth Pow Evrek, a waynyas medalen owr y’n kopel rag benenes dhe Gampyoriethow Revyans Europek dhe Brandenburg, Almayn.

Wosa an resek, Glover a leveris bos studhyow kales, mes yth ens i trenyans da ynwedh kyns Gwariow Olympek an hav ma.

Y’n eur ma, yth yw Glover ha Stanning Kampyoresow an Norvys, Kampyoresow Olympek, ha Kampyoresow Europek y’n kopel heb brennyas rag benenes.

Last Sunday, Helen Glover, from Newlyn, and her partner Heather Stanning, from Yorkshire, won a gold medal in the women's pair at the European Rowing Championships in Brandenburg, Germany.

After the race, Glover said conditions were difficult, but also good training before this summer's Olympics.

Currently, Glover and Stanning are the World, Olympic and European champions in the women's coxless pairs.

Drama pellwolok Poldark, hag yw desedhys yn Kernow, re waynyas Pewas Goslowysi an Radio Times, hag yw dewisys gans eseli a’n bobel, dhe Bewasow Pellwolok BAFTA an vledhen ma.

Yth esa meur a dowlennow krev erel ow kesstrivya erbynn Poldark, y’ga mysk Doktour Foster, An Kesstrif Pobas Bretennek Meur, ha’n komedi gans Peter Kay, Kevren Garr.

Steren an dowlen, Aidan Turner, neb o acheson a bennlinennow y’n paperyow nowodhow gans an wel a vri na mayth esa ev ow felghya ynni, noth y vrest, a rassas dhe bennow-bros “skodhyansek ha lel” an dowlen.

The Poldark television drama, which is set in Cornwall, has won the Radio Times Audience Award, which is chosen by members of the public, at this year's BAFTA Television Awards.

There were many other strong programmes competing against Poldark, among them Doctor Foster, The Great British Bake Off, and the Peter Kay comedy Car Share.

The programme’s star, Aidan Turner, who made newspaper headlines with that famous scene in which he was scything bare-chested, thanked the show's "supportive and loyal" fans.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth An Nowodhow war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys genev vy, John Prowse. Bys dy’Sul nessa, nos dha dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by myself, John Prowse. Until next Sunday, good night to you all.