5es a vis Ebrel 2015

Gorthugher da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans a’n seythen ma 'An Nowodhow' war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good evening, and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ (‘The News’) on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Tri esel a’n vayni a veu sawyes nosweyth Dy’Sul, wosa droglam a-bervedh tanker oyl, Bochem Oslo y hanow. Pan hwarva an gwall, yth esa an lester ma nebes ugens mildir dhyworth arvor Kernow.

Gwithysi alsyow a lever an dhew varner dhe wodhevel loskow wosa droglam gans kofen a drenken nitrek. Yth esa an drenken peryllus ma a-bervedh an gorhel rag towl unnik a ventons. Nyns esa karg aral vyth a-bervedh.

An kynsa assay dhe ayr-lyftya an dus shyndys dhyworth an gorhel a fyllis drefen bos an gewer re arow, gans awelyow a-dhia an west ha hwythfians bras a’n mor.

Kaslewydh Scott Armstrong, esa ow neyja askell dro dhyworth RNAS Kil-Ros, a leveris: "Yth esa an lester ow kwaya yn-bann ha war-nans a-dro dhe dhew ugens tros-hys. Yth esa ev ow kwaya re snell."

An tanker a wolyas ena war tu-ha Baya an Garrek, rag kavos skovva. Wostiwedh, an askell dro a allas kuntel an dhew dhen hag aga hemeres dhe Glavji Kernow Riel dhe Dreliske.

Three members of the crew were rescued on Sunday night, after an accident aboard the oil tanker Bochem Oslo. When the accident happened, the ship was some 20 miles from the Cornwall coast.

Coastguards say the two seamen suffered burns after an accident with a container of nitric acid. This dangerous acid was on board the ship for the sole purpose of maintenance. There was no other cargo on board.

The first attempt to air-lift the injured men failed because the weather was too rough, with westerly gales and a large swell.

Commander Scott Armstrong, who was flying a helicopter from RNAS Culdrose, said: “The boat was moving up and down about 40 feet. It was moving too quickly.”

The tanker then sailed towards Mount’s Bay to find shelter. Finally, the helicopter was able to pick up the two men and take them to the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske.

Yma mamm wynn dhyworth Kernow ow kollenwel hy seythennyow diwettha a drenyans kyns kemeres rann yn onan a’n resegow moyha kales y’n norvys.

Kerry McFarland a vydh ow resek yn Marathon des Sables yn Moroko. Y fydh res dhedhi resek moy es 250 (dew kans ha hanter) a gilometrow a-dreus an difeythtir dres pymp dydh, ha bros an tomder.

A grandmother from Cornwall is completing her last weeks of training before taking part in one of the most difficult races in the world.

Kerry McFarland will be running in the Marathon des Sables in Morocco. She will have to run 250 kilometres across the desert in five days, in searing heat.

Yma an gorhel Heweres Lu Lestri Riel, Argus, ow tehweles dhyworth Sierra Leone, wosa kowlwul y hanaseth ena.

An Argus, hag a dhibarthas a Aberfala mis Hedra warlena, re beu enorys gans Lyther a Gomendyans tanow dhyworth an Lys Mor rag hy hwel.

The Royal Navy Auxiliary ship Argus is returning from Sierra Leone, after completing her mission there.

The Argus, which left Falmouth in October last year, has been honoured with a rare Letter of Commendation from the Admiralty for her work.

An seythen eus passyes, y feu gwrys akord nowydh ynter kreslu Kernow ha Dewnans ha kreslu Dorset dhe gevrenna nebes servisyow ynter an dhew gowethyansow. Herwydh aga hynsa towlow, yma govenek erbysi dewdhek milvil a beunsow yntredha, dhe’n lyha.

Dres an vledhen a dheu y fydh gwrys erviransow finel a-dro dhe’n officys dhe vos kesunys po dyghtys gans kowethyansow erel, herwydh derivas dyllys gans an dhew greslu. Nyns esa kampol vyth a-dro dhe niver a sodhow a allsa bos kellys.

Leveryas kreslu Dorset a dherivas y pesya an dhew greslu avel kowethyansow diblans gans desedheger ha pennsodhek aga honan mes y fia hembrenkyans a nebes officys kevrennys.

Pennsodhek kreslu Kernow ha Dewnans, Shaun Sawyer, a leveris ‘Ni re gollas peswar kans, deg ha dew ugens a sodhogyon dhyworth Kernow ha Dewnans keffrys ha pymp kans esel a vayni aral. Mar ny wren ni erbysyon a’n par ma hag oberi y’n fordh ma y fydh kellys eth kans den moy’.

Kaderyer keffrysyans kreslu Kernow ha Dewnans, Nigel Rabbitts, a leveris ‘Mar kwra ev [an towl ma] erbysyon, wolkom ev a vydh, mes prederys on an sywyans dhe vos le a soodh.

Last week, a new agreement was made between Devon and Cornwall police force and Dorset police to share some services between the two organisations. According to their initial plans, it was hoped to make at least £12 million savings between them.

Throughout the coming year, final decisions will be made about the functions to be merged or managed by other organisations, according to a report issued by the two police forces. There was no mention of the number of posts that might be lost.

A spokesman for Dorset police reported that the two police forces would continue to be separate organisations with their own commissioner and chief constable but that there would be shared leadership of some functions.

Shaun Sawyer, Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall police, said, ‘We have lost 450 police officers from Devon and Cornwall with up to 500 police staff as well. If we don't make these kind of savings and work this way it'll be another 800 people.’

Nigel Rabbitts, chairman of the Devon & Cornwall Police Federation, said, ‘If it [this plan] does make the savings, we will welcome this but our concern is it will lead to further job reductions’.

Ny omglew Pennkochyas an Vorladron Gernewek, Ian Davies, tregeredh vyth wor’ tu ha Plymouth Albion, wosa an Vorladron dh’aga fetha 27-16 (seyth poynt warn ugens dhe hwetek) Dy’Sul eus passyes.

Wosa an fethans ma, yma an para Dewnens yn peryl sevur a iselheans dhyworth an Gampyorieth. Mes salow yw an Vorladron lemmyn.

“Mar pons i iselhes, iselhes i a vydh,” a leveris Mester Davies wosa an fyt. “Mar ny vons i, ni a yll pesya dhe wari fyttow leel yntanus er aga fynn.”

Kieran Hallett, Chris Morgan ha Paul Andrew a skoryas assays a-barth an Vorladron; ha Eoghan Grace a skoryas a-barth Albion.

The Head Coach of the Cornish Pirates, Ian Davies, feels no sympathy for Plymouth Albion, after the Pirates beat them 27-16 last Sunday.

After this defeat, the Devon team are in severe danger of relegation from the Championship. But the Pirates are safe now.

“If they are relegated, they are relegated,” said Mr Davies after the match. “If they’re not, we can continue to play local derbies against them.”

Kieran Hallett, Chris Morgan and Paul Andrew scored tries for the Pirates; and Eoghan Grace scored for Albion.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys gans John Prowse ha genev vy, Steve Penhaligon. Bys dy’ Sul nessa, Pask lowen ha nos da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by John Prowse and by me, Steve Penhaligon. Until next Sunday, Happy Easter and good night to you all.