3ves mis Ebrel

Gorthugher da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans a’n seythen ma 'An Nowodhow' war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good evening, and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ (‘The News’) on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Ilewydh rock amerikanek Dave Grohl re gewsis yn defens a dhegowogyon yn bagas metol poos dhyworth Kernow – wosa aga honsel leel a leveris i dhe seni re ughel.

Y feu leverir dhe Black Leaves of Envy dell via res dhedha hedhi praktisya yn karrji teylu, wosa krodhvolyow noys a gentrevogyon.

Leveryas Foo Fighters Grohl a skrifas lyther apert dhe’n awtorita wosa an bagas dhe’y gestava.

Ev a wovynnas orth Konsel Kernow dhe “dhasvires war an fronansow”.

Y’n lyther apert, tabourer Nirvana kyns Grohl a leveris ev dhe dhalleth praktisya yn karrji ha bos ilow “ tardhell varthus awenek rag fleghes”.

“Y’m brys vy troboyntel yw bos tyller rag awenekter gans fleghes, may fondyons skians a honan dre gan,” yn-medh ev.

Grohl a skrifas ynwedh lyther aral dhe’n bagas, ow kussulya dhedha a-dro dhe sonlettyans.

Ev a gussulyas an bagas lenwel fosow a garrji gans tewes ha gorheri an leur gans strelyow lappyans.

Esel bagas ilow Adam Jones, seytek y oos, a leveris: “ Hemm re beu gorwir – dilavar ov vy.”

“Ass veu ankrysadow dhe weles dha lappa war bost Facebook gans an Foo Fighters,” yn-medh ev.

An konsel a lever bos re ughel an nivelyow a noys hag ev re brofyas oberi gans an bagas rag dismygi fordhow a iselhe an nivelyow na.

US rocker Dave Grohl has leapt to the defence of a teenage heavy metal band from Cornwall – after their local council said they were too loud.

The Black Leaves of Envy were told they would have to stop practising in a family garage after noise complaints from neighbours.

Foo Fighters frontman Grohl penned an open letter to the authority after the band contacted him.

He asked Cornwall council to “reconsider the restrictions”.

In the open letter, former Nirvana drummer Grohl says he started out practising in a garage and says music is a “wonderful, creative outlet for kids”.

“I believe that it is crucial that children have a place to explore their creativity and establish a sense of self through song,” he said.

Grohl also penned a separate letter to the band, giving them advice on soundproofing.

He advised the group to fill the garage walls with sand and cover the floor in gym mats.

Band member Adam Jones, 17, said: “It’s just been surreal – I’m speechless.”

“Seeing the Foo Fighters tag you in a post on Facebook was just incredible,” he said.

The council says the noise levels are too high and has offered to work with the band to find ways of reducing the levels.

Karyans a veu goderrys, ha lies chi a-dreus dhe Vreten Veur soth west o heb tredan, avel sewyans Tewedh Katie.

Brittany Ferries a dhileas y wolyansow dy’Lun dhyworth Rosko dhe Aberplym. Trenow yn Dewnens a veu dileys ynwedh.

Maynorieth an Kerghynnedh a dhellos lies gwarnyans liv a-dreus an Soth West.

Gwynsow a seytek ha tri ugens a vildiryow an our a veu kovedhys dhe Berry Head yn Dewnens gans Sodhva Met.

Tanlu ha Gonis Sewyans Kernow a leveris y feu gelwys dhe dhiw ji yn Lyskerrys a-varr y’n myttin dy’Sul, mes bos an chiow diogel lemmyn.

Pons Tamar yn Kernow a veu deges rag kerri ughel aga thenewennow, mes fronansow a veu lyftys a-dro dhe hanter wosa dew y’n myttin.

Transport was disrupted and many properties across south west Britain were without power as a result of Storm Katie.

Brittany Ferries cancelled its sailings on Monday from Roscoff to Plymouth, and some trains in Devon were also cancelled.

The Environment Agency issued several flood warnings across the South West.

Winds of 77mph were recorded at Berry Head, Devon by the Met Office.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said it was called to two properties in Liskeard early on Sunday morning, but that the properties were now secure.

The Tamar Bridge in Cornwall was closed to high-sided vehicles but restrictions were lifted at about 2.30 in the morning.

Reyv anlaghel a dri ugens den re beu lestys ha diw garvennas a dhaffar ilow re beu dalghennys gans kreslu.

A-dro dhe ugens gwithyas kres dhyworth Kernow hag Aberplym, a weresas goderri an reyv dhe Alternonn war Woon Bosvena, a-varr y’n myttin dy’Sul eus passyes, a leveris Avisyer Ian Drummond-Smith.

Ev a leveris bos an reyv “nowydh y’n argerdh a vos desedhys”, war dir Desedhek an Koswigow, ha bos tus erghys diberthi.

Ny veu gwrys dalghenasow vyth, mes ev a leveris y hwrussa helerghysi lonchya govynadow.

Argrevellow, kewsellow ha dinythoryon tredan a veu dalghennys dhyworth an hwarvos.

Avisyer Drummond-Smith a leveris bos an re owth attendya erghys diberthi, hag i oll a dhibarthas a-vodh, rakhenna ny veu gwrys dalghenasow vyth.

Yn-medh ev, “Y tyghtyn ni hwarvosow ilow heb kummyas, drefen bos an powdir gesys a-wosa y’n studh euthyk, nag eus dyghtyansow salowder, hag awos dres an bledhynnyow dus dhe verwel.

“An tros dhyworth an hwarvos ynwedh a yll bos pla sevur rag kentrevogyon ha bewnans ammeth.”

An illegal rave of about 60 people has been stopped and two vans worth of music equipment seized by police.

About 20 officers from across Plymouth and Cornwall helped to break up the rave at Altarnun, on Bodmin Moor, early last Sunday morning, said Supt Ian Drummond-Smith.

He said the rave was “just being set up” on Forestry Commission land and people were told to leave.

No arrests were made, but he said detectives would launch an inquiry.

Amplifiers, speakers and generators were seized from the event.

Supt Drummond-Smith said those attending were told to leave, and they all left voluntarily, therefore no arrests were made.

He said: “We tackle unlicensed music events because afterwards the countryside is left in a terrible state, there's no safety procedures and because over the years people have died.

“The noise from the event can also be a serious nuisance to neighbours and livestock.”

Pyskador re verwis wosa bos kevys maglennys yn y rosow yn avon.

Re beu gelwys servisyow goredhom dhe Avon Heyl a-dro dhe kwarter kyns unn eur dy’Lun, wosa nebonan dhe dherivas gweles kok ow mos a-dro yn kylghyow.

Y leveris an RNLI bos an dhiw skath-sawya ena dhyworth Aberfala hag y hwrug mayniow CPR war an den.

Re beu an den, hwetek bloodh ha dewgens y oos, dhyworth Lyskerrys, a’y rowedh y’n dowr rag hirneth dell hevel, hag ev a veu ayrlyftys dhe Glavji Kernow Riel yn Truru. Ev a verwis pols diwettha.

Y leveris Kreslu Dewnens ha Kernow na vos y vernans dyghtys gans gogrys ha bos kedhlys neshevin.

A fisherman has died after being found entangled in his own nets in a river.

Emergency services were called to the River Helford at about 12.45pm on Monday, after someone reported seeing a fishing boat going rund in circles.

The RNLI said both lifeboats from Falmouth attended and crews performed CPR on the man.

It is thought the 56-year-old man from Liskeard had been lying in the water for some time and he was airlifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. He died a short time later.

Devon and Cornwall Police said his death was not being treated as suspicious and next of kin had been informed.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys gans Duncan McIntosh ha genev vy Julia Wass. Bys dy’Sul nessa, nos da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Duncan McIntosh and by myself, Julia Wass. Until next Sunday, good night to you all.