an 31ves a vis Me 2020

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Wosa mernans a dhew berson dy’Lun, yn sewyans a dhroglammow ryb arvor Kernow, an Fondyans Skath Sawya Kenedhlek Riel (RNLI) a leveris y vos ow kul an pyth a ylli rag may tastallatho y wonis. Mowes, seytek bloodh hy oos, a verwis maglennys yn-dann skath omhwelys. Yth esa hi gans tri erel a dreusvewas wosa aga skath-hehwyth diwedhyn dhe omhweles war an Barr Tenkys (Doom Bar) ogas dhe Lannwedhenek, nag yw le mayth eus gwithyas treth dell yw usys. Den a verwis yn klavji wosa y vos tennys a’n mor ogas dhe Lanngostentin gans gwithyas treth RNLI mes a dhever. Y hwarva an mernansow wosa gwarnyansow a studhyow peryllus dres pennseythen an dy’gol kemmyn. An RNLI a astelas y batrolyow a withysi treth yn mis Meurth, ha deklarya, alena rag, y dowl dhe batrolya deg treth ha tri-ugens an hav ma a-der dew kans ha dew ugens anedha dell yw usys. Arwodhyow yn Treth Porth Chapel a warn an bobel nag eus gwithysi treth ena. Yn-medh Steve England, a’n lyver termyn a vordardha, Carve, “Ymons i omma, an withysi treth kyns. Ny vedhons gasa an treth; ny vedhons hedhi mires orth an dowr.” Yn-medh Konselor Kernow, Pete Mitchell y hanow, “Dell dybav, res yw dhe’n RNLI dehweles dhe’n trethow skonna gyllons.” Pennweythresek an RNLI, Mark Dowie y hanow, a bys an governans a fronna an hedhas dhe’n trethow, bys pan dhehwel an patrolyow a withysi treth, “kyns bos moy a vewnansow kellys.” Dell leveris ev, ny yll kussel sawder gweres marnas temmik pan yw mall dres eghen gans an bobel a gavos nebes franketh wosa sethennyow yn-dann alhwedh. Ev a dherivis dhe Radyo Kernow bos edhom dhe’n RNLI a “dermyn dhe drenya ha dhe ombareusi rag dyskansow medhegel brottel a-dro dhe’n pyth a yllyn ha na yllyn dhe wul y’n treth.” Ev a leveris bos gwithysi RNLI y’n “nebes” trethow an bennseythen ma.

After the deaths of two people on Monday, following accidents off the coast of Cornwall, the RNLI said it was doing what it could to restart its service. A 17 year old girl died trapped beneath a capsized boat. She was with three others who survived after their rigid inflatable boat capsized on the Doom Bar near Padstow, which is not an place where there is usually a lifeguard. A man died in hospital after being pulled from the sea near Constantine by an off-duty RNLI lifeguard. The deaths came after warnings about dangerous conditions over the bank holiday weekend.

The RNLI suspended lifeguard patrols in March and has since announced plans to patrol 70 beaches this summer rather than its usual 240. Signs at Chapel Porth Beach warn the public about RNLI lifeguards not being there. Steve England, from surf magazine Carve, said, “The ex-lifeguards are here. They daren’t leave the beach; they daren’t stop watching the water.” Cornwall councillor Pete Mitchell said “I think the RNLI have got to get back to the beaches as quickly as possible.” Chief executive of the RNLI, Mark Dowie, is urging the government to restrict access to beaches until lifeguard patrols return, “before more lives are lost”. He said safety advice can only help a bit when people are desperate to find some freedom after weeks of lockdown.

He told Radio Cornwall that the RNLI needed “time to train and prepare for ever-changing medical directions about what we can and can’t do on the beach”. He said RNLI lifeguards would be on “several” Cornwall beaches this weekend.

Trigoryon yn Syllan a lever i dhe vos “gesys gans tra vyth” ha’n diwysyans tornyaseth “yn studh diglon”. Erbysieth teythyek an enesow a gresen a-dro dhe rentys dy’golyow hag ostyans omvytelyans, ha ny gavas an re ma gober vyth a-ban dhallathas an studh yn-dann alhwedh. Meur a berghenogyon a negysyow a dal toll-gonsel a-der toll-negys; yn sewyans yth yns i gesys heb skoodhyans arghansek vyth. Konsel Syllan a leveris bos £211,000 dhodho rag negysyow hag a vyth gelwys dhe ombrofya rag arghasans.

Residents in the Isles of Scilly say they have been “left with nothing” while the tourism industry is “in a desperate situation”. The local economy on the islands is centred around holiday lets and self-catering accommodation, and these have not had any income since lockdown began. Many business owners pay council tax instead of business rates; in consequence they are left without financial support. The Council of the Isles of Scilly said it had £211,000 for businesses, which will be invited to apply for funding.

Kowethyans Virgin Orbit a Syr Richard Branson re assayas heb sewena lonchya fusen a-ugh dhe’n Keynvor Hebask. Jynn an fusen a enowis, mes digessenyans a wrug dhe’n neyj bos gorfennys a-varr. Kynth yma pennplas y gowethyans efanvos yn Kaliforni a-lemmyn, mall yw ganso a’y dhri dhe’n Ruvaneth Unys ynwedh. Ayrborth Tewynblustri re beu aswonnys avel le delvrysek may selyer ena y oberyansow.

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit company has tried unsuccessfully to launch a rocket over the Pacific Ocean. The rocket’s engine ignited but an anomaly caused the flight to be terminated early. Although his space company has its headquarters in California currently, he is keen to bring it to the UK also. Newquay Airport has been identified as an ideal location from which to base operations.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth “An Nowodhow” war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Wella Morris. An pennskrifer o Steve Harris. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You’ve been listening to An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s script was written and presented by me, Wella Morris. The editor was Steve Harris. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.