an 17ves a vis Me 2020

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma 'An Nowodhow' war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

An seythen ma, lewsys veu an rewlys ow tochya viajys yn karr, ha lemmyn yma own may fo tylleryow teg ha trethow bos ‘livys gans godrigoryon’.

An governans re dhellos derivas ow leverel bos kummyas lemmyn dhe eseli an werin lewya yn karr rag omoberi mes a ji heb lett vyth, po esedha yn parkow ha spasow poblek erel.

Skrifennyas a-barth Materow Estren, Dominic Raab, a leveris bos kummyas dhe’n poblek viajya a-dro dhe Bow Sows, mes dihaval yw an rewlys yn powyow erel an Ruvaneth Unys.

Yn-medh ev, ‘Hwi a yll lewya mar bell es dell vynnowgh, rag ensampel, rag mos ha kerdhes yn ranndir yw meurgerys dhywgh, mar mentenowgh an ombellheans socyal.’

A-dhia dherivas an governans, sodhogyon an kowethyans tornyasek, Visit Cornwall, re leveris bos eseli an poblek orth aga hestava rag govyn mars esa kummyas dhedha vysytya an ranndir ma.

Pennweythresek Visit Cornwall, Malcolm Bell, a leveris an derivas ‘dhe geworra moy a dheray es a glerder’ hag ev a dhastellos an gwarynyans dhe’n poblek dhe ‘wortos a-bell’.

Steve Double, Esel Senedh an Parti Mentenour a-barth Sen Austel ha Tewynblustri, a leveris bos kussul an governans ‘kler’: yth esa kummyas dhe viajya rag omoberi mes, yn-medh ev, nyns esa ‘golow gwyrdh rag tus dhe hesya dhe Gernow rag dos ha dy’golya, po remova dh’aga henkidh’.

This week, the rules concerning car journeys were relaxed and there is now a concern that beauty spots and beaches, could be ‘inundated with visitors’.

The government issued a statement saying that members of the public were now permitted to drive in their cars to take unlimited exercise outdoors, or sit in parks and other public spaces.

The Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, said that the public were now free to travel about in England but that the rules were different in the other countries of the UK.

He said, ‘You can drive as far as you want to, for example, to go and walk in a particular area that you are fond of, as long as you maintain the social distancing.’

Since the government statement, officials of the tourist organisation, Visit Cornwall, have said that members of the public had been contacting them to ask whether they were allowed to visit this area.

The Chief Executive of Visit Cornwall, Malcolm Bell, said that the statement ‘added more confusion than clarity’ and he reissued the warning to the public to ‘stay away’.

Steve Double, Conservative MP for St Austell and Newquay, said that the government’s advice was ‘clear’: it was permitted to travel in order to exercise but, he said, there was no ‘green light for people to flock to Cornwall to come and have a holiday or move location to their second home’.

Ha herwydh derivas aral dyllys gans Visit Cornwall, possybyl yw ma na wrello havysi dehweles dhe Gernow kyns diwedh mis Gortheren.

Malcolm Bell, pennweythresek an kowethyans, a dherivas erbysiedh Kernow dhe gelli seulabrys dew kans, deg ha tri ugens a vilvilyow a beunsow hevlena awos koll an negys tornyasek dres Pask.

Patrick Langmaid, dyghtyer Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park ogas dhe Lannwedhenek, a dherivas na dhegemersa an park gober vyth a-ban dhallathas bewnans yn-dann naw alhwedh.

Ev a leveris an kudynnow owth omsettya orth an diwysyans tornyasek dhe besya dres remenant an seson, kyn fe lewsys fronansow war vewnans pubdedhyek.

Ev a ynias an governans dhe brovia ‘surneth ledys gans godhonieth’ a-dro dhe’n fordh dhe vos kemerys gans an pow y’n termyn a dheu.

Yn-medh ev, ‘Y fydh edhom dhyn a skoodhyans dres an gwav ha bys yn gwenton dew vil, onan warn ugens may hyllyn ni treusvewa rag seson an hav.’

And according to another report published by Visit Cornwall, it is possible that summer visitors may not return to Cornwall before the end of July.

Malcolm Bell, managing director of the organisation, reported that the Cornish economy had already lost £270 million because of the loss of tourist business over Easter.

Patrick Langmaid, manager of Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park, near Padstow, reported that the park had not received any income since the beginning of life under lockdown.

He said that the problems besetting the tourist industry would continue for the rest of the season even if the restrictions on everyday life were to be relaxed.

He urged the government to provide ‘science-led certainty’ about the direction to be taken by the country in the future.

‘We are going to need support through the winter and right the way through to spring 2021 in order to survive for the summer season.’

Kernowes yowynk re neuvyas dres moy es dewdhek our yn pol yn hy lowarth rag kuntel arghans a-barth an NHS dres an dy’gol kemmyn.

Lowenna North, tredhek bloodh hy oos, a wra neuvya a-barth klub yn Lannstevan mes ny alsa hy trenya awos an musuryow erbynn Kovid Nownsek.

Yn-medh hi, ‘Drefen bos Marathon Loundres dileys, my a welas bos meur a dus ow ponya y’ga lowarth a-dryv. Ytho, my a dybis bos hwans dhymm gul neppyth a’n keth par na.’

Gans gweres hy thas, hi a fastyas lesh dh’y grugys may halla hi neuvya y’n pol heb avonsya. Hi a neuvyas yn korow a dhew our pubonan ha kowlwul dewdhek our yn sommen.

Yndelna re sevis a-dro dhe bymp kans peuns a-barth an NHS gans skoodhyans hy theylu ha’y howetha.

‘Ny allav vy kavos an geryow gwiw. Assa dra varthus yw, yn hwir, may hylli gul henna a-barth an NHS’, yn-medh hi.

A young Cornishwoman swam for more than twelve hours in a pool in her garden to collect money for the NHS over the bank holiday.

Thirteen-year-old Lowenna North swims for a club in Launceston but she was unable to train because of the measures against Covid-19.

She said, ‘Because the London marathon got cancelled, I saw lots of people were running in their back garden. So, I thought I wanted to do something along those lines.’

With her father’s help, she attached a tether to her belt so that she could swim in the pool without making headway. She swam in shifts of two hours each and completed twelve hours in all.

By doing so, she has raised about £500 for the NHS with the support of her family and friends.

‘I can’t even put it into words. It’s so amazing really that you can do that for the NHS,’ she said.

Byttegyns, y teuth nebes yeyn nowodhow rag skodhyoryon an Diskwedhyans Kernow Riel an seythen ma, dileys yn tien re beu an diskwedhyans hevlena.

Herwydh Konsel an Keskowethyans Ammeth Kernow Riel, ny vydh possybyl hevlena dhe synsi an diskwedhyans yn salowder ha dhe ventena ombellheans socyal rag kemmys dus.

However, this week there came some unwelcome news for supporters of the Royal Cornwall Show, this year’s show has been completely cancelled.

According to the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association, it will not be possible this year to hold the show in safety and to maintain social distancing for so many people.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Steve Penhaligon. An pennskrifer o Steve Harris. Bys dy’ Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written and presented by me, Steve Penhaligon. The editor was Steve Harris. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.