an 23ves a vis Hwevrer 2020

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma 'An Nowodhow' war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Den, neb a veu kechys gans kokayn a dal dew kans mil a beunsow yn sagh keyn a veu prisonys rag pymp bledhen.

Isaac Bond, hwegh bloodh warn ugens, dhyworth Mevagissey, re avowas kyns yn Breuslys Kurun Truru, ev re gavas an droggys klass A hag ev a vynnas aga frovia.

Ev re vetyas gans Tahir Malik, neb re lewsa dhyworth Loundres gans dew gilogramm dhe gokayn, yn tyller pell, ogas dhe Vugle.

Malik, pymp bloodh ha dew ugens, dhyworth Edgeware, a veu hedhys hag ev ow lewya dhe-ves. Yth esa pymthek ha tri ugens mil a beunsow yn maylyers gell ganso.

Ev a vydh breusi mis Meurth rag bos omvyskys gans provia droggys.

An breuslys a glewas fatel wrug ledhys broder Bond hag ev ow servya gans an lu yn Afghanistan nans yw eth bledhen ha henna re ledsa Bond dhe “assaya kokayn.”

Gwithysi gres re holsa Malik dhe Gernow an nownsegves a vis Est hag i a welas Bond ow metya ganso orth y garr kyns Bond dhe dhos yn-mes gans sagh keyn.

Bond, ser prenn kynser, a assayas ponya dhe-ves, mes ev a veu dalgennys yn skon.

Hag ev ow preusi, an breusyas, Simon Carr y hanow, yn-medh: “Kler yw dhyworth myns droggys ha myns arghans y fydh kamm agas klassa avel livresor.”

Na wra kola parys dhroggys livresoryon gans pymthek mil ha tri ugens a beunsow yn mona. Y fydh kamm ynwedh dh’agas gorra ughella war an pyramid.”

Rag sewajya, yn-medh Piers Norswothy, omvyskans Bond “o yn-mes a nas yn tien” hag yth esa “myns krev a negh hag anken anodho.”

A man caught with £200,000 worth of cocaine in a rucksack has been jailed for five years.

Isaac Bond, 26, from Mevagissey in Cornwall, had previously admitted at Truro Crown Court possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

He had met Tahir Malik, who had driven from London with 2kg of cocaine, in a remote location near Bugle.

Malik, 45, from Edgware, was stopped after driving away. £75,000 in brown envelopes was found with him.

He will be sentenced in March for being involved with the supply of drugs.

The court heard how Bond's brother had been killed while serving with the military in Afghanistan eight years ago and this had led to Bond "dabbling with cocaine recreationally".

Police officers had followed Malik to Cornwall on 19 August and saw Bond meet him at his car before emerging with a rucksack.

Bond, an apprentice carpenter, attempted to run away but was quickly arrested.

While sentencing the Judge Simon Carr said: "It is clear from the amount of drugs and the amount of money that it would be wrong to classify you as a courier.

"Drugs gangs don't trust couriers with £75,000 of cash. It would also be wrong to put you any higher up the pyramid."

In mitigation, Piers Norswothy said Bond's involvement "was completely out of character" and there had been "a substantial amount of embarrassment and remorse from him".

Apposyans post mortem a veu synsys war vorvil neb a verwis wosa ev dhe dira war garregi yn Kernow.

Yth esa dhe’n morvil askel mir askornek, mes yth esa ev ow torna y lost war borth Parbean kyns ev dhe hedhi anella dy’Gwener dohajydhweyth.

Dan Jarvis, dhyworth Sedhoryon Vretennek Gwithysi Bewnans Morek (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) a ros gwarnyans erbynn “ow lamma dhe worfennow” dell veu an mernans kawsys gans plastek.

Mernansow morvil yn Ruvaneth Unys neb a veu gawsys gans plastek yw “pur danow” ev a geworras.

Pathologist milvedhegiethel dhyworth Trest Bewnans Gwyls Kernow a wrug an dyghtyans, an pyth a omvysk treghi ygor tu eneval ha kemeres samplow rag dielvennans.

An apposyans post mortem a dhiskwedhas nag esa plastek yn sagh boos an eneval.

Samplow a veu kevys rag previ DNA ha defolyans.”

Yn-medh Mester Jarvis porth Parbean treth yn perhenogeth privedh, ytho removyans an morvil a via “war berghen tir.”

Na vo ynkleudhyans possybl dhe Barbean drefen bos an treth mar garnek, mes an eneval a ve halyes dhe “dyller moy gwiw” y leveris ev.

A post-mortem examination has been carried out on a whale which died after beaching itself on rocks in Cornwall.

The 20m-long fin whale looked "emaciated" but was thrashing its tail on Parbean Cove before it stopped breathing on Friday afternoon.

Dan Jarvis, from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), cautioned against "jumping to conclusions" that the death was caused by plastic.

Whale deaths in the UK directly caused by plastic are "very rare", he added.

A veterinary pathologist from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust carried out the procedure, which involves cutting open the side of the animal and taking samples for analysis.

The post mortem showed no plastic in the stomach of the animal.

Samples have been taken for DNA and pollution testing.

Mr Jarvis said Parbean Cove was a privately owned beach, so the removal of the whale would be "up to the landowner".

As a particularly rocky beach, burial won't be an option at Parbean, but the animal could be towed to "a more suitable site", he added.

Termyn a dheu rag an kampioneth rugbi, an kesunyans nessa ple hwarri an Vorladron kernewek, a veu dewlys yn dout wosa Unyans Rugbi Pelldroos dhe dreghi arghasans rag y glubys.

An arghans a veu dreghys dhyworth a-dro dhe bymp kans peswardhek warn ugens mil peuns dhe nivel bledhen dewvil ha pymthek dew kans eth ha peswar ugens mil rag pub klub.

An Unyans Rugbi Pelldroos a leveris na ve metys kostennow neb a veu res dhe’n kesunyans.

Klubys kampioneth yn-medh i dhe vos “diswaytys” gans an ervirans. “Ni re veu omvyskys ow negysyas ambosow rag an nessa seson ha hemm a dheu mar dhiwedhes y’n jydh ev a wra kawsya kudynnow gwir rag lies klub” yn-medh Kaderyer Morladron Kernewek Paul Durkin.

The future of the Rugby Championship, the second tier where the Cornish Pirates play has been thrown into doubt after the Rugby Football Union cut funding to its clubs.

Money has been cut from about £534,000 to a 2015-level £288,000 per club.

The RFU says targets that were given to the league have not been met.

Championship clubs say they are "disappointed" with the decision. "We've been involved in negotiating contracts for next season and this has come so late in the day it's going to cause real problems for many of the clubs." said Cornish Pirates chairman Paul Durkin.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Kensa Broadhurst. An pennskrifer o John Parker. Bys dy’ Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written and presented by me, Kensa Broadhurst. The editor was John Parker.