Dy’Sul 2a mis Hwevrer 2020

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ (‘The News’) on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Y tothya ha bos Kernow an kynsa le y’n pow dhe gesunya sleynethow a dangasor war alow gans gwith socyal yn unn oberen.

Y hwra an profyans, gwrys yn derivas kommendys dhe Gesva Yeghes ha Brys Salow Konsel Kernow, medra lehe hireth ha skoodhya gwell tus dhispresys.

An oberennow nowydh possybyl re beu deskrifys avel ‘yntanus’ gans konseloryon.

Mes Kesunyans Tangasoryon a warnyas dell re balsa yn-dann dadhlow kenedhlek.

Trevor French, dhyworth kesunyans, a leveris: “Tamm diswaytus yw mars usi servis gonis ha tan leel ow palas yn-dann an dadhel kenedhlek a-dro dhe omlesans an ober a dangasoryon.”

An rann yw unnweyth profyans ha kregys war gomendyans governans, yn-medh Konsel Kernow.

Y lever an derivas dell dreusons meur a’n oberennow yntra tangasoryon hag oberoryon socyal, kepar ha salowder tan dhe dre, tus owth omdhisevel hag omshyndya, an argol dhyworth framweythow chi anlowr ha fowt a ewnheansow, hag an effeyth war yeghes tus dres hemma.

Konseler Kernow omgemmerys rag kerghynnedh ha difresans poblek, Rob Nolan a leveris ev a wayt an rann “yntanus” dhe genertha moy tus dos ha bos tangasoryon war alow.

Konseler omgemmerys rag tevesigyon, Rob Rotchell, a leveris bos tus neb “a omdhispres” anvodhek yn fenowgh dhe dhegemmeres gweres mes y hwaytir an rann nowydh y tallathsa fetha hemma, awos tangasoryon “dhe vos tus trestys gans moyha an poblek yn hengovek.”

Cornwall could become the first place in the country to combine the skills of an on- call firefighter with social care in one job. The proposal, made in a report presented at Cornwall Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board, is aimed at reducing loneliness and better supporting neglected people.

The potential new jobs have been described as “exciting” by councillors. But the fire Brigades Union warned it could undermine national discussions. Trevor French, from the union, said: “it is a bit disappointing if a local fire and rescue service are undermining this national discussion on expanding the role of firefighters.” The role is just a proposal and subject to government approval, Cornwall Council said. The report says many of the tasks firefighter and social workers do cross over, such as fire safety in the home, people falling and injuring themselves, the risk from poor housing structures and lack of repairs, and the effect this has on a person’s wellbeing. Cornwall Councillor responsible for environment and public protection, Rob Nolan, said he hoped the “exciting” role would encourage more people to become on-call firefighters. Councillor responsible for adults, Rob Rotchell, said people who “self-neglect” are often reluctant to accept help but it was hoped the new role would start to overcome this, because firefighters “are traditionally people trusted by most of the public.”

Re verwis Morgasor Riel neb a veu shyndys dres hwarvedhyans trenyans dhe gynsa warn ugens a vis Genver. An Morgasor o rann a vagas re bia ow praktisya assalt dhyworth kreft tirans war Dreth Tregantel, Kernow. An souder nowydh re beu ow kwiska daffar dien ha “re alsa yn-dann dowr” dres an oberyans. Lu Lestri Riel a leveris y “dybyansow ha tregeredhow’ dhe vos gans teylu ha kowetha an souder. Y lever bos an hwarvedhyans yn-dann hwithrans.

A Royal Marine who was injured in a training incident on 21st January has died. The Marine was part of a group that had been practising an assault from a landing craft on Tregantle Beach, Cornwall. The recruit had been wearing full kit and had “gone under water” during the exercise. The Royal Navy said its “thoughts and sympathies” were with the recruit’s family and friends.

It said the incident was under investigation.

Devnydh Taser kreslu a warias rann y’n mernans a dhen neb esa owth omdhoon yn andharganadow, y klewas govynadow. Marc Cole, deg bloodh warn ugens, a verwis wosa hwarvedhyans war stret yn Aberfala yn mis Me diw vil ha seytek. An govynadow yn Truru a glewas dell re beu Mester Cole ow tegi kollel, ha bos tybyansow omdollus dhodho. Dewdhek den a gavas bos y vernans kawsys gans “re a dhevnydh a gokayn, ow sewya dhe fara paranoyd hag andharganadow, ha bos devnydh Taser moy ‘es effeyth byghan. Dhe dressa warn ugens a vis Me, PC Timothy Wilson a dhrehedhas dhe Fordh Langton ha diskudha Mester Cole dieskis ow kerdhes y’n stret, ow tegi kollel gegin hag owth omshyndya. Dustunioryon lagas a leveris ev dhe vos ow kwandra kepar dell o ‘kellys’. An govynadow a glewas y karmas PC Wilson orth Mester Cole dhe dhroppya an gollel mes ny wrug ev, ytho an sodhek a dhevnydhyas y Daser teyrgweyth, dres spys a dhew sekond ha dew ugens yn sommen. Mester Cole a wodhevis dalghennas kolon hag y feu kemeres dhe glavji mes yn gwiryonedh a verwis dhe’n wel. Yn misyow esa passys re soffras ev tybyansow omdollus ha paranoya, dell veu kedhlys an lys. Ev re dhevnydhyas kokayn keffrys dres an dohajydh hag a wrussa kressya an chons a effeyth drog a’n Taser. An nessa re dhe Vester Cole a leveris dhe’n dewdhek den y hwethhas y yeghes brysel wosa mernans y das yn diw vil ha pymthek An kuruner a brofyas y geskalarow dhe deylu Mester Cole. Y deylu a leveris re “dhistrusa agan bewnansow” y vernans ha gelwel rag “dasweles ter a dhevnydh kreslu a Daser”. Y keworrsons bos dasweles “re dhiwedhes rag Marc, mes ni a grys hemm a sawsa bewnansow”. Kreslu Kernow ha Dewnens a leveris bos an mater ystynnys dhe Sodhva Anserghek rag Fara Kreslu, ha hwithrys gensi. Hi a gonkludyas na godhas gwryth y sodhogyon yn-dann an skwir gwaytys.

The use of a police Taser played a part in the death of a man who was behaving erratically, an inquest jury ruled. Marc Cole, 30, died after an incident on a street in Falmouth in May 2017. The inquest in Truro heard Mr Cole had been carrying a knife and had delusional thoughts. A jury found his death was caused by "excess use of cocaine resulting in paranoid and erratic behaviour, with the use of a Taser having more than a trivial impact". On 23 May, PC Timothy Wilson arrived at Langton Road to find Mr Cole pacing the street barefoot, carrying a kitchen knife and self-harming.

Eyewitnesses said he was wandering as though "lost". The inquest heard PC Wilson shouted at Mr Cole to drop the knife, but he did not, so the officer deployed his Taser three times for a total of 42 seconds. Mr Cole went into cardiac arrest and was taken to hospital but effectively died at the scene. In previous months, he had suffered delusional thoughts and paranoia, the court was told. He had also taken cocaine during the afternoon which would have increased the chance of an adverse effect from the Taser. Those closest to Mr Cole told the jury his mental health deteriorated after the death of his father in 2015. The coroner offered his condolences to Mr Cole's family. His family said his death had "destroyed our lives" and have called for an "urgent review of police use of Taser".

They added a review was "too late for Marc, but we believe this would save lives". Devon and Cornwall Police said the matter was referred to, and investigated by, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, which concluded the performance of its officers did not fall below the standard expected.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys gans Duncan McIntosh ha genev vy Julia Wass. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Duncan McIntosh and by myself, Julia Wass. Until next Sunday, good afternoon to you all.