16ves a vis Metheven 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe² dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

An governans re² dheklaryas y⁵ hwra ev provia arghasans a seyth ha dew ugens milvil a² beunsow rag drehevel fordh nowydh yntra Mentrimildir ha Klavji Kernow Riel.

Konsel Kernow re² dewlis towl a² dhrehevel ‘tre nowydh’ a-dro dhe’n fordh ma a² allsa provia chiow lowr rag bys dhe eth mil anedhyas – henn yw leverel, tre mar² vras avel Lannstevan, Lyskerrys po Porthia.

An menyster a-barth anedhyans, Kit Malthouse, a leveris y⁵ hwre an arghasans skoodhya lies milvil a² jiow nowydh mayth esa meur edhom anedha. Keffrys ha’n chiow, y⁵ fia drehevys skolyow nowydh, kresen gemeneth ha sportva, a² geworras Mester Malthouse.

Konsel Kernow re ambosas arghasans a² dri milvil a² beunsow dhe Sportva Kernow, an ragdres a² vynn drehevel an sportva nowydh dhe Len an Gath.

Yma govenek dhe’n konsel may⁵ hwrello an governans profia an keth sommen dhe’n ragdres mes na² wrug an governans y surhe hwath.

Dulcie Tudor, konselores a-barth Mentrimildir ha Glowwydh, a leveris bos govenek dhedhi, awos ambos an governans a arghasans rag an fordh nowydh, y⁵ hwrella ev wostiwedh ambosa ri tri milvil peuns moy dhe Sportva Kernow.

The government has announced that it will provide funding worth £47 million to build a new road between Threemilestone and the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Cornwall Council has made a plan to build a ‘new town’ around this road which could provide enough homes for up to eight thousand inhabitants – that is to say, a town as big as Launceston, Liskeard or St Ives.

Housing minister, Kit Malthouse, said the funding would support thousands of much needed homes. As well as the housing, new schools, a community centre and a sports stadium would be built, added Mr Malthouse.

Cornwall Council has promised £3 million of funding to Stadium for Cornwall, the company which wants to build the new stadium at Langarth.

The council hope that the government will offer the same amount to the project but the government has yet to confirm this.

Dulcie Tudor, councillor for Threemilestone and Gloweth, said that she hoped that, because of the government’s promise of funding for the new road, it would finally commit £3 million more to the Stadium for Cornwall.

Den re² beu prisonys wosa tenna gonn fug orth dew² baramedhek hag i owth assaya y² weres.

Roger Knight a avowas y² vos kablus hag a² veu prisonys dres dewdhek mis.

Breuslys Kurun Truru a² glewas yth² elwis Mester Knight karr klavji awos ev dhe omglewes klav wosa kemeres medhegnethow, hag ev seulabrys pur² vedhow.

An baramedhogyon a² dhallathas dyghtya Mester Knight mes wosa ugens mynysen ev a dennas pystol fug dhyworth an gweli dydh hag y² vedra orta. I a² bonyas mes a’n stevel ha glewes Mester Knight tenna an gonn teyrgweyth.

Sodhogyon Kreslu a² dheuth dhe’n chi ha dalghenna nebes pystolys ha gonnys hir.

Dell hevel, Mester Knight a skrifas dhe’n² baramedhogyon ow leverel bos meth dhodho a’y fara, hag ev dhe hwilas gweres awos y alkohologeth.

An juj, Simon Carr, a leveris, kynth o edrek dhe² Vester Knight, yth esa an² baramedhogyon owth assaya kowlwul aga soodh ha na aswonsons bos an gonn fug.

A man has been sent to prison after firing an imitation gun at two paramedics as they were trying to treat him.

Roger Knight admitted his guilt and was imprisoned for twelve months.

Truro Crown Court heard that Mr Knight called an ambulance because he felt ill after taking medicine when he was already very drunk.

The paramedics began treating Mr Knight but after twenty minutes he pulled an imitation pistol from the sofa and aimed it at them. They ran from the room and heard Mr Knight fire the gun three times.

Police officers came to the house and seized several pistols and rifles.

It appears that Mr Knight wrote to the paramedics saying that he was ashamed of his behaviour and that he was seeking help for his alcoholism.

The judge, Simon Carr, said that although Mr Knight was remorseful, the paramedics were trying to do their job and they did not realise the gun was a fake.

Seythen sewen re² beu rag dew sportyas Kernewek.

Brad Paul a² dheuth ha bos an kynsa boksusor Kernewek dres moy es kans bledhen dhe² waynya titel galwesik.

Ev a fethas y erbynner, Darren Codona, y’n tressa rond a’ga fytt yn Loundres rag dos ha bos kampyer a’n Ranndir Soth.

Aswonnys avel ‘Tanbellen Tewynblustri’, ev a² dhallathas boksusi hag ev hwath namoy es deg bloodh. Nans yw peder bledhen ev a² dheuth ha bos boksusor galwesik ha na² veu ev fethys hwath.

Ev a² dwityas, ‘Meur ras dhe² bubonan a’m skoodhyas. Pur feusik ov awos an skoodhyans a² wrav vy y² dhegemeres.’

Hag yn Pow Frynk, mordardhores Kernewek, Saskia Sills, re² waynyas hy hynsa medalen y’n ragdres Hanafas an Bys dhe² gesstrif yn Marseille.

An² venyn yowynk dhyworth Lannstevan, dew² vloodh warn ugens hy oos, o kampiores an bys ha hi ow kemeres rann yn kesstrifow yowynkneth, mes hemm o an kynsa prys hi dhe² gesstrivya yn res dhe’n nivel ma avel tevesiges.

Ytho, pes da o hi gwaynya medalen a arghans yn Marseille. ‘Marthys yw. Ass ov vy lowen’, yn-medh hi. ‘My re² beu owth oberi fest yn⁵ tiwysyk gans ow dyskador ha gans ow³ howetha, ytho marthys veu treylya oll an ober kales bys yn medalen’.

It has been a successful week for two Cornish sportspeople.

Brad Paul became the first Cornish boxer for more than one hundred years to win a professional title.

He beat his opponent, Darren Codona, in the third round of their match in London to become the Southern Area champion.

Known as the ‘Newquay Bomb’, he began boxing when he was only ten years old. Four years ago, he became a professional and has since been unbeaten.

He tweeted, ‘Thanks to every single person who supports me. Really lucky from the support I get.’

And in France, Cornish surfer, Saskia Sills, has won her first medal in the World Cup series at a competition in Marseille.

The twenty-two year old from Launceston was World Champion when she was taking part in youth competitions but this was the first time that she was competing at this level as an adult.

So, she was very pleased to win a silver medal at Marseille. ‘It's amazing, I'm so happy," she said. ‘I've been working really hard with my coach and my partners so it's been amazing to convert all the hard work into a medal.’

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow” war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a² veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Steve Penhaligon. An pennskrifer o John Parker. Bys dy’ Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written and presented by me, Steve Penhaligon. The editor was John Parker. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.