9ves a vis Metheven 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe² dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Trigoryon yn An Hay a² vynn aga³ threveglos dhe² dhiberthi dhyworth Konsel a’n² Dre² Pennsans. Wosa kuntelles poblek, i a² grys y terivsa gwell dhedha aga³ honsel aga honan yn kever materyow a² vri y’n² dreveglos.

Yma Lannystli owth assaya diberthi dhyworth konsel Pennsans ynwedh.

Ordenys veu an kuntelles gans bagas kemeneth Save Heamoor from Excessive Development (SHED), wosa Konsel Kernow dhe² elwel kemenethow ri aga³ thybyansow yn kever konsels a’n² dre y’n termyn a² dheu.

Y’n eur ma, yma Konsel Kernow ow⁴ tasweles an fordh mayth yw governys kemenethow leel. Y⁵ fydh an kynsa tro re beu konsels leel chanjys a-dhia² vil, naw kans, peswardhek ha tri ugens.

Residents in Heamoor want their village to break away from Penzance Town Council. After a public meeting, they believe their own council would better inform them about important issues in the village.

Gulval is also trying to split from Penzance council.

The meeting was organised by community group Save Heamoor from Excessive Development (SHED), after Cornwall Council invited communities to give their ideas about the future of town councils.

Currently, Cornwall Council is reviewing the way in which local communities are governed. It will be the first time that local councils have been changed since 1974.

Res veu dhe nebonan bos sawyes dhyworth an leys dhe Hevlyn Klunyek, ogas dhe² Druru, myttinweyth a-varr dy’Sul eus passyes.

Dew jynn tan ha teyr skath-sawya vyghan a² veu gelwys, yn-medh Gonis Tan ha Sawyans Kernow.

An person res eth yn stag y’n leys bys y² dhewlin, a-dro dhe² bymthek troos-hys dhyworth glann an avon.

Sawysi a² wrug devnydh a² beul ha hernes rag sawya an den.

Someone had to be rescued from the mud at Calenick Creek, near Truro, early last Sunday morning.

Two fire engines and three small rescue boats were called, said Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

The person had become stuck in the mud up to his knees, about 15ft from the river bank.

Rescuers used a pole and harness to rescue the man.

Benyn, peswardhek ha tri ugens hy oos, re² dherivas fatel² dresyas hi hy³ thas, neb o GI amerikanek, moy es dew ugens bledhen wosa ev dhe² asa y selva yn Kernow.

Tas Sally Coot a² asas Heyl (Helford) yn mil, naw kans, peswar ha dew ugens rag kemeres rann y’n tiransow D-Day. Wosa henna, kellys veu kestav oll ynter ev ha mamm Sally.

Mestres Coot a² veu genys naw mis a-wosa ha megys gans hy mamm wynn yn Langostentin. Ny dresyas hi hy³ thas yn Kaliforni bys pan o hi dew ha dew ugens.

Sally ha’y³ thas a² wodrigas yn⁵ fenowgh an eyl gans y² gila. I a² besya kestava bys y² vernans y’n² vledhen dew² vil.

A 74-year-old woman has told how she traced her father, who was an American GI, more than 40 years after he left his base in Cornwall.

Sally Coot’s father left Helford in 1944 to take part in the D-Day landings. After that, all contact between him and Sally’s mother was lost.

Ms Coot was born nine months later and brought up by her grandmother in Constantine. She didn’t trace her father in California until she was 42.

Sally and her father visited each other regularly. They continued to keep in touch until his death in 2000.

Kernow a² waynyas aga hweghves Kampyorieth a’n Kontethow pan fethsons i Cheshire gans peswardhek poynt dhe² dhewdhek dhe Twickenham, dy’Sul eus passyes.

Yth o fyt dramasek, gans Kernow ow tryghi yn termyn keworrys dhe² benn an fyt, wosa aga fara dhe² vos lehes dhe² beswardhek den.

Assay gans Alex Ducker dres an kynsa hanter a settyas Kernow yn-rag. Byttegyns, tamm kyns hanter-termyn y⁵ tegemeras hanter-skyrmys, Jack Oulton, karten rudh. Ytho, y⁵ feu res dhe² Gernow gwari an nessa hanter oll gans peswardhek den hepken.

Y’n nessa hanter, assays gans Tom Morton ha Tom Sanders re² waynsa an fyt rag Cheshire, dell heveli.

Mes, ha termyn ow tifyga, y⁵ hylli Kernow gorra poos war linen Cheshire. An breusydh a² dhanvonas dew warier Cheshire dhe’n trog-drog (‘sin-bin’) wosa i dhe² wari fals yn-dann² dhefendya aga linen.

Wortiwedh, y’n seythves mynysen a² dermyn pystik, Seti Raumakita a² dreusas an linen ha skorya rag Kernow. Res veu, hwath, dhe² dhiwedhor Matt Shepherd potya an treylyans. Henna y⁵ hwrug ev, rag gwaynya an fyt gans dew² boynt.

Y⁵ feu an hweghves tro dres an seyth bledhen eus passyes re hedhas Kernow Twickenham. Keffrys ha’n² vledhen ma, i a² waynyas an Hanaf Bill Beaumont (dell yw gelwys an Gampyorieth lemmyn) yn dew² vil ha pymthek hag yn dew² vil ha hwetek.

Cornwall won their sixth County Championship when they beat Cheshire by 14 points to 12 at Twickenham last Sunday.

It was a dramatic match, with Cornwall winning in added time at the end of the match, after their team had been reduced to 14 men.

A try by Alex Ducker in the first half put Cornwall in front. However, just before half-time scrum-half Jack Oulton received a red card. So Cornwall had to play all the second half with only 14 men.

In the second half, it seemed that tries by Tom Morton and Tom Sanders had won the match for Cheshire.

But, with time running out, Cornwall were able to put pressure on the Cheshire line. The referee sent two Cheshire players to the sin-bin after they had committed fouls while defending their line.

Finally, in the seventh minute of injury time, Seti Raumakita crossed the line and scored for Cornwall. Full-back Matt Shepherd still had to kick the conversion. That he did, to win the match by two points.

It was the sixth time in the last seven years that Cornwall had reached Twickenham. As well as this year, they won the Bill Beaumont Cup (as the Championship is called now) in 2015 and 2016.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a² veu skrifys genev vy, John Prowse, ha pennskrifys gans John Parker. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dohajydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by myself, John Prowse, and edited by John Parker. Until next Sunday, good afternoon to you all.