2 mis Metheven 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe² dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Ann Widdecombe a² waynyas onan a² deyr esedh rag Parti Bretmes y’n ranndir Soth West, yn despit dhe rann raglev ynklinya dhe² bartiow remaynya.

Esel Senedh kyns a leveris an sewyans dhe afydhya referendum synsys yn diw² vil ha hwetek, ha gwarnya mar pe etholans kemmyn, an partiow bras a enebsa “krow”.

Byttegyns, sewyansow kesunys a² dhiskwedh bos gans partiow Remaynya; an re LivWer ha’n re Wer, peswar deg onan poynt dew² gansran a’n raglev y’n ranndir.

An re LivWer a² gemeras diw esedh, ha’n re Wer kemeres onan.

Martin Horwood ha Caroline Voaden a² gemeras an diw esedh LivWer, ha Molly Scott Cato gwitha an esedh rag an re Wer.

An² waynoryon erel rag Parti Bretmes o James Glancy ha Christina Jordan.

Ms Widdecombe a leveris:

“Pur² gler ywa... nag esa saw unn acheson dhe votya rag Parti Bretmes - ha henn yw an pyth re² wrug an genedhel, yn fras.

An pyth a² wra hemma yw danvon messach pur² gler dhe Westminster - arta - mar ny² dhigelmons diberthi, y’n etholans kemmyn nessa an dew² barti bras a² wra enebi distruyans.

Ny² godh dhyn vytholl synsi an etholansow ma. Diskwedhyans kler yns a’n fars re berghenegas Westminster.

Yma hwans dhymm a² Vretmes glan ha henn yw may kodh dhyn gorra agan gwaskas.”

Esel Senedh Europek LivWer Mester Horwood, esel senedh Cheltenham kyns, a leveris nag yw Soth West lemmyn kemmys ranndir diberthi”.

Y keworras an re LivWer, Gwer ha Chanj RU dhe fetha Parti Bretmes ha UKIP yn raglev gwerinek dres an Soth West.

Esel Senedh Europek Gwer Molly Scott Cato a wodhyas gras dh’y skoodhoryon “a² worra agas fydhyans warnav arta.”

Parti BretMes a² gavas tri deg hwegh poynt seyth kansran. An² ventenoryon a² gollas moy es ugens kansran a’ga skoodhyans y’n ranndir.

A’n partiow remaynya, raglev a’n re LivWer a ynkressyas a² voy es dewdhek kansran, ha’n huni a’n re Wer a seyth kansran - hag a ros dhe’n dew² barti peswar deg onan poynt dew² gansran.

Hwor Boris Johnson, Rachel Johnson, neb a sevis rag Chanj RU, a fyllis gwaynya esedh.

Ann Widdecombe won one of three seats for the Brexit Party in the South West of England, despite overall vote share tipping in favour of Remain parties.

The former MP said the result reaffirms the 2016 referendum and warned that if there was a general election the main parties would face "carnage".

However, combined results show remain parties the Lib Dems and Greens with 41.2% of the vote in the region.

The Liberal Democrats took two seats, with the Green Party taking one.

Martin Horwood and Caroline Voaden took the two Lib Dem seats, with Molly Scott Cato retaining a seat for the Greens.

The other winners for the Brexit Party were James Glancy and Christina Jordan.

Ms Widdecombe said:

"It's very clear... there was only ever one reason for voting for the Brexit Party - and that is what the nation has done, big time.

What this does is send a very clear message to Westminster - again - that if they don't sort out leave, at the next general election both the big parties are going to face carnage.

We shouldn't even be having these elections. These elections are a clear demonstration of the farce that has enveloped Westminster.

I want a clean Brexit and that is where we have to put our pressure."

Lib Dem MEP Mr Horwood, the former Cheltenham MP, said that the South West is "not such a leave region now".

He added that the "Lib Dems, Greens and Change UK beat Brexit Party and UKIP in the popular vote across the South West".

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato thanked supporters "for putting your trust in me again".

The Brexit Party took 36.7% of the vote. The Conservatives lost more than 20% of their support in the region.

Of the Remain parties, the Lib Dem vote increased by by more than 12% and that of the Greens by 7% - giving the two parties 41.2% of the vote.

Boris Johnson's sister Rachel Johnson, who stood for Change UK, failed to win a seat.

Jynn diwroser re² verwis wosa droglamm yn kres tre.

Yth o an motorydh gorow, onan warn ugens y oos ha dhyworth an arenebedh a Reskammel, prononsys marow dhe² wel an bomm, hag a hwarva war Stret an Ardh y’n² dre.

Kreslu Dewnens ha Kernow a leveris dell hwarva an droglam tamm kyns hanternos, dy’Lun.

Yth o deges an A-nowsek warn ugens dres lies eur ha hwithroryon ow komposa hwithrans.

A motorcyclist has died after an accident in a town centre.

The male rider, who was aged 21 and from the Camelford area of Cornwall, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, which happened on High Street in the town.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the accident happened shortly before midnight on Monday.

The A39 was closed for several hours while investigators carried out an examination.

Konseler re geblis steusow pennskol a-dro dhe² dhisplegyans gwari jynn-amontya, ow leverel dell usi an diwysyans “ow tistrui bewnansow”.

Neil Burden re argyas na dal Konsel Kernow bos owth arghasa towlen dhe² Bennskol Aberfala hag a fogell war² dhiwysyansow awenek ha gwariansek.

Ev a² dheskrifas gwarians gwydhyow besyel avel “an pyth moyha euthyk y’n bys”.

Konsel Kernow ha’n² bennskol a leveris an ranngylgh dhe² dhri arghans hag oberennow dhe’n erbysiedh.

An dowlen Launchpad a² weres studhyoryon ow lonchya negysyow y’n ranngylgh besyel hag yma fog dhedhi war² dhiwysyansow awenek ha gwariansek.

Mester Burden a² gews dhe² guntelles Konsel Kernow, may⁴ feu dedhlys profyans dhe² gevarghewi naw kans mil a² beunsow, y leveris Servis Derivas Gwerinieth Leel.

An konseler anserghek a leveris dell via res dhodho lettya kyns es lemmyn unn esel a’y deylu y honan rag dos ha bos “omres” dhe² wariow gwydhyow, hag a gampollas ev an gwari Fortnite.

Is-ledyer konsel Adam Paynter a² dhefendyas an diwysyans gwari, hag a dal tri³ foynt eth hwegh bilvil a² beunsow dhe Ruvaneth Unys hag a arveth moy es ugens mil a dus, y leveris va.

Nick Dixon, chyf a² dhowlen Launchpad dhe² Bennskol Aberfala a leveris bos an steus ow⁴ kweres ow⁴ kwruthyl “negysyow nowydh hag oberennow, rag prow a’n erbysiedh leel”.

Y keworras ev: “Nyns yw unnweyth an ranngylgh gwariow Ruvaneth Unys an brassa yn Europa lemmyn, yth esa agan studhyoryon ow⁴ tos ha bos prevys yn teknegiethow ha sleynethow hag yw demondys yn ranngylghyow erel.”

A councillor has criticized university courses in computer game development, saying the computer game industry is “destroying lives”.

Neil Burden has argued that Cornwall Council should not be funding a scheme at Falmouth University that focuses on creative and gaming industries.

He described digital gaming as the “most horrendous thing in the world”.

Cornwall Council and the university said the sector brings both money and jobs to the economy.

The Launchpad programme helps students to launch businesses in the digital sector and has a focus on creative and gaming industries.

Mr Burden spoke at a Cornwall Council meeting where a proposal to invest £900,000 was being discussed, said the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS)

The independent councillor said he had previously had to stop one of his own family members from getting “addicted” to video games, and singled out the game Fortnite.

Deputy council leader, Adam Paynter defended the gaming industry, which he said was worth £3.86bn to the UK and employed more than £20,000 people.

Nick Dixon, head of the Launchpad programme at Falmouth University, said it was helping to create “new businesses and jobs, for the benefit of the local economy”.

He added: “Not only is the UK games sector now the biggest in Europe, our students are becoming experienced in technologies and skills that are in demand in other sectors.”

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a² veu skrifys gans Julia Wass, ha genev vy, Duncan McIntosh. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dohajydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Julia Wass and by myself, Duncan McIntosh. Until next Sunday, good afternoon to you all.