19ves a vis Me 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe² dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Kernow ha Syllan a spen moy es ogas ha pub ranndir aral y’n pow war yeghes brysel herwydh derivas dyllys gans an aluseneth ‘Mind’.

Mind a hwithras arghasans a-barth yeghes brysel a-dreus dew ranndir an Gonis Yeghes Kenedhlek ha dew ugens. Warlena yn Kernow ha Syllan, y spenas an NHS ogas ha dew kans hag eth a² beunsow a-barth pub person ha dhodho kudynnow a yeghes brysel. Nyns esa marnas Pow Evrek Soth hag a spenas moy. An derivas a² dhiskwedh ynwedh Kernow ha Syllan dhe spena ogas ha diwweyth moy es nebes ranndiryow erel kepar ha Gloucestershire na² wrug spena marnas kans, seytek warn ugens a² beunsow pub person.

Yn dew² vil ha hwetek, an governans a² dheklaryas y⁵ fynna ev spena dew poynt tri bilvil a beunsow dres an deg bledhen a² dheu rag dyghtya kudynnow a yeghes brysel.

A-barth Mind, Geoff Heyes a leveris kyn hwelsa an aluseneth nebes chanjyow posedhek drefen an arghasans nowydh, yth esa bern dhedhi a-dro dhe’n dyffransow bras y’n myns a arghans spenys gans pub ranndir. Yn-medh ev, ‘Ny dal an dyghtyans a² dhegemerydh kregi war dha drigva post’.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly spends more than almost any region in the country on mental health according to a report published by the charity, Mind.

Mind examined the funding of mental health across forty-two National Health Service regions. Last year in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, the NHS spent almost £208 for every person with mental health problems. Only South Yorkshire spent more. The report also shows that Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly spend almost twice as much as some other regions such as Gloucestershire which only spent £137 per person.

In 2016 the government announced that it would spend £2.3 billion over the next ten years on treating mental health problems.

Geoff Heyes, on behalf of Mind, said that although the charity had seen some positive changes because of the new funding, it was concerned about the big differences in the amount of money spent by each region. He said, ‘The treatment you get shouldn’t depend on where you live’.

An kowethyans, Wainhomes, re² dhellos towlow rag drehevel a-dro dhe² bymp annedh ha tri ugens y’n powdir war amal treveglos Delyow Boll.

Keffrys ha’n anedhow ma, y⁵ fynnsa an kowethyans provia park kerri ha nebes spas poblek aral may hallo an gemeneth gul devnydh anodho.

Y kevir an tir le may⁵ fynn Wainhomes drehevel an chiow nowydh war amal an dreveglos a-dal Ranndir a² Dekter Naturel a² Vri.

Danvenys veu an towlow dhe² Gonsel Kernow rag kussul ha kampollow aga sodhek towlennans, Helen Blacklock.

Ynter hy hampollow, Ms Blacklock a leveris bos hemma displegyans bras rag treveglos byghan kepar ha Delyow Boll hag ystynnys via hi bys y’n powdir igor. Prederys o hi ynwedh bos an chiow nowydh a-dal Ranndir a² Dekter Naturel a² Vri. Keworra a² wrug nag esa lowr a² jiow a² bris resnadow y’n towlow rag askusya displegyans a’n par ma y’n powdir.

Hi a² gomendyas dhe Wainhomes may⁵ fo hanterkans kansran a’n anedhow nowydh kavadow a² bris resnadow.

The company Wainhomes has published plans to build about sixty-five homes in the countryside on the edge of Delabole village.

In addition to these houses, the company would also provide a car-park and other public space for the community’s use.

The land where Wainhomes intend to build the new houses is situated on the edge of the village opposite an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The plans were submitted to Cornwall Council for the advice and comments of its planning officer, Helen Blacklock.

Among her comments, Ms Blacklock said that this was a large development for a small village like Delabole which would extend it out into open countryside. She was also concerned that the new houses would be opposite an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. She added that there were not enough affordable homes in the plans to make an exception for a development of this sort in the countryside.

She recommended to Wainhomes that about fifty percent of the dwellings should be affordable homes.

Gool ilow, boos ha yeghes spyrysel dhe² Borth Hyli re beu dileys.

Moy es seyth kans tokyn re bia gwerthys rag an gool, Spyrys Porth Hyli y hanow, mes, spit dhe henna, kummyas a-barth an hwarvos a² veu deneghys gans Konsel Kernow.

Yth esa hwans dhe ordenoryon an hwarvos synsi an gool dhe² Vargen tir Trefresa, ogas dhe² Bennmeyn, ha perghen an bargen tir na, Will Herrmann, a leveris bos ‘edrek personel bras dhodho’ awos an ervirans dhe² dhilea an gool. Ev a² geworras ordenoryon an gool dhe oberi fest yn tiwysek rag restra towlen a hwarvosow marthys da hag y² vos diswaytys dres eghen na² vedha possybyl dynerghi pubonan dh’y² vargen tir.

Mester Herrmann a afydhyas y hwrussa an ordenoryon assaya dyghtya bernyow an gemeneth leel hag i ow pareusi ombrofyans rag gool nowydh y’n dew² vil warn ugens.

A music, food and wellbeing festival at Porthilly has been cancelled.

More than seven hundred tickets had been sold for the festival, Porthilly Spirit, but nevertheless a licence for the event was refused by Cornwall Council.

The event organisers wanted to hold the festival at Trefresa Farm, near Rock, and the farm’s owner, Will Herrmann, said that he felt ‘great personal regret’ over the decision to cancel the festival. He added that the festival organisers had worked hard to produce a fantastic events programme and he was extremely disappointed that it would not be possible to welcome everyone at the farm.

Mr Herrmann confirmed that the organisers would try to manage the concerns of the local community when they were preparing a proposal for a new festival in 2020.

Hevlena, seyth treth a-dreus Kernow re² dhegemeras pewas Baner Glas dhyworth an aluseneth kerghynedhek Synsyn Breten Veur yn Kempen.

Aswonnys vons gans an aluseneth awos aga bos glan ha salow. Y’n mysk an trethow a² dhegemeras an pewas, y kevir Treth Gilenvas yn Aberfala keffrys ha Treth Porthmeur dhe² Borth Ia ha Treth Baya Treavon.

This year, seven beaches across Cornwall have received the Blue Flag award from the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

They were recognised by the charity for their safety and cleanliness. Among the beaches which received the award, were Gyllyngvase Beach at Falmouth as well as Porthmeor Beach in St Ives and the beach at Trevone Bay.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow” war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a² veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Steve Penhaligon. An pennskrifer o John Parker. Bys dy’ Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written and presented by me, Steve Penhaligon. The editor was John Parker. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.