29ves a vis Kevardhu 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans arbennek an seythen ma 'An Nowodhow' war BBC Radyo Kernow, ow kul daswel a’n nowodhow dres an diwettha dewdhek mis.

Hello, and welcome to a special edition this week of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall, reviewing the news over the last twelve months.

Ow talleth gans nowodhow a-dro dhe erbysiedh Kernow:

Mis Metheven, an governans a dherivas y hwre ev provia arghasans a seyth milvil ha dew-ugens a beunsow rag drehevel fordh nowydh yntra Mentrimildir ha Klavji Kernow Riel. Y fia hemma an kynsa rann a dowl tewlys gans Konsel Kernow a dhrehevel ‘tre nowydh’ a-dro dhe’n fordh ma a alsa provia chiow lowr rag bys dhe eth mil anedhyas – henn yw leverel, tre mar vras avel Lannstevan, Lyskerrys po Porthia.

Mis Gwynngala, an governans a dheklaryas y hwre Pennsans, Porth Ia, Kammbronn ha Truru degemeres bys dhe bymp milvil warn ugens a beunsow kettep onan dhyworth y Arghas Trevow, tri poynt hwegh bilvil a beunsow y dalvosogeth.

Hag y’n keth mis ma, Konsel Kernow a ambosas ri dewdhek milvil a beunsow dhe ragdres Porth Efanvos Kernow. An konsel a leveris y hwre an porth efanvos dri nebes kansow a sodhow nowydh dhe Gernow ha keworra lies milvil a beunsow dhe’n erbysiedh leel yn-dann denna kowethyansow godhoniethek dhe’n ranndir ma.

Beginning with news about Cornwall’s economy:

In June, the government reported that it would provide funding worth £47 million to build a new road between Threemilestone and the Royal Cornwall Hospital. This would be the first part of a plan by Cornwall Council to build a ‘new town’ around this road which could provide enough homes for up to eight thousand inhabitants – that is to say, a town as big as Launceston, Liskeard or St Ives.

In September, the government announced that Penzance, St Ives, Camborne and Truro would each receive up to £25 million from its £3.6 billion Towns Fund.

And in the same month, Cornwall Council promised to give £12 million to the Spaceport Cornwall project. The council said that the spaceport would bring several hundred new jobs to Cornwall and add many millions of pounds to the local economy by attracting scientific companies to this area.

Y’n bys a wonisogeth kernewek:

• Pympes Hwevrer, penn-bloodh an diskudhans a’n brassa darn a voon owr y’n bys a veu kovhes yn Ostrali. Nans yw kans bledhen ha hanter, dew dhen bal kernewek, John Deason ha Richard Oates, a gavas an darn kowrek a owr, hag a dheuth ha bos aswonys avel “An Estren Wolkom”.

• Mis Gortheren, hendhyskonydhyon esa ow palas dhe ger Romanek ogas dhe Galstok a leveris i dhe grysi yth esa a-dro dhe bymp kans souder selys y’n ker.

• Gwithti Kernow Riel a vydh degys dres eth mis y’n vledhen a dheu awos fowt a vysytyoryon ha kaletterow gans arghasans. Yth yw war dowl an dyghtyoryon ewnhe to an gwithti hag arnowydhhe an drehevyans dre vras.

In the world of Cornish culture:

• On the 5th February, the anniversary of the discovery of the biggest gold nugget in the world was celebrated in Australia. One hundred and fifty years ago, two Cornish miners, John Deason and Richard Oates, found the gigantic piece of gold, which became known as “The Welcome Stranger”.

• In July, archaeologists who were digging at a Roman fort near Calstock said they believed there were about 500 soldiers based at the fort.

• The Royal Cornwall Museum will be shut for eight months next year, due to a lack of visitors and difficulties with funding. Managers plan to repair the museum’s roof and to modernise the building in general.

Fest sewen re beu an vledhen ma rag rugbi yn Kernow.

Mis Metheven, Kernow a waynyas aga hweghves Kampyorieth Gonteth pan fethsons i Cheshire gans peswardhek poynt erbynn dewdhek dhe Twickenham.

Fyt dramasek o, mes y’n seythves mynysen a dermyn keworrys, Seti Raumakita a dreusas an linen ha skorya rag Kernow. Lemmyn, y’s teva an dhew bara an keth niver a boyntow. Ytho, res veu dhe Matt Shepherd potya an treylyans. Yndella y hwrug, ha gwaynya an fyt a-barth Kernow gans dew boynt.

Dres henna, dew Gernow, Jack Nowell ha Luke Cowan-Dickie, a warias a- barth para Pow Sows dhe gesstrif Hanafas an Bys yn Nihon. Pur sewen o an para, ow trehedhes an finel mes, yn gwettha prys, fethys vons gans Afrika Dyghow dewdhek poynt warn ugens erbynn dewdhek.

This has been a very successful year for rugby in Cornwall.

In June, Cornwall won their sixth County Championship when they beat Cheshire by fourteen points to twelve at Twickenham.

It was a dramatic match but, in the seventh minute of added time, Seti Raumakita crossed the line and scored for Cornwall. Now, the two teams had the same number of points. So, Matt Shepherd had to kick the conversion. He did so, and won the match for Cornwall by two points.

Moreover, two Cornishmen, Jack Nowell and Luke Cowan-Dickie, played for the England team at the World Cup competition in Japan. The team were very successful, reaching the final but, unfortunately, they were beaten by South Africa by thirty-two points to twelve.

Nebes darvosow koynt re hwarva yn Kernow dres an vledhen eus passyes.

Rag ensampel, yn mis Hwevrer “lammer sel” po “base jumper” – henn yw, nebonan a lamm dhyworth als po drehevyans hag ev ow kwiska sewt arbennek gans diwaskel – a worras own dhe dus dhe Borth Maugan.

Tremenysi o diegrys pan welsons an den a’y sav war amal an als, hwetek meter ha tri ugens a-ugh dhe’n treth. Mes, pan lammas an den, ev a dhiyskynnas yn lent ha heb danjer dhe’n treth.

Hag yn mis Metheven, res veu dhe sawysi gul devnydh a beul ha hernes rag sawya den neb eth yn stag yn leys dhe Hevlyn Klunyek, ogas dhe Druru, myttinweyth a-varr. Yth esa an den stag bys y dhewlin, a-dro dhe bymthek troos-hys dhyworth glann an avon.

Yn mis Est, chogha a veu gwelys dres nebes seythenyow, ha gorher McFlurry McDonald’s stag a-dro dh’y gonna. Dell hevel, y hyll ev dybri, eva, ha neyja heb kaletter.

Some strange events have taken place in Cornwall during the past year.

For example, in February a “base jumper” – that is, someone who jumps from a cliff or a building wearing a special suit with wings – frightened people at Mawgan Porth.

Passers-by were shocked when they saw the man standing on the edge of the cliff, 76m above the beach. But, when the man jumped, he descended slowly and safely to the beach.

And in June rescuers had to use a pole and harness to rescue a man who became stuck in mud at Calenick Creek, near Truro, early one morning. The man was stuck up to his knees, about 15ft from the river bank.

In August, a jackdaw was seen for several weeks with a McFlurry McDonald’s lid stuck around its neck. Seemingly, it could eat, drink and fly without difficulty.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen a’n seythen ma a veu skrifys gans Steve Penhaligon, ha genev vy, John Prowse. Dohajydh da ha bledhen nowydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Steve Penhaligon, and by myself, John Prowse. Good afternoon and a Happy New year to you all.