15ves mis Kevardhu 2019

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Tus a veu gwarnys dhe wortos a-bervedh y’aga chiow hag avoydya an fordhow maras o res dhedha, wosa kowasow gwyns a voy es deg mildiryow ha tri ugens pub eur dhe fusta rannow a Ruvaneth Unys dres an nos dy’Sul eus passys.

Gonis Tan ha Sawyans Kernow a dhellos an gusul hag ev ow tyghtya gans niver a hwarvedhyansow kelmys dhe hager-awel. Gwarnyans kehaval a veu derivys war enys Jersey.

Yth esa kansow a drevow yn Dewnens ha Kernow heb tredan.

Yn Porthbud, fordh a veu degys wosa dos a-ves rann a do gorvarghas Sainsburys yn nos dy’Sul.

An gorvarghas a leveris an gwerthji dhe remaynya degys myttinweyth dy’Lun mes an mayni a oberis yn feur dhe’y dhasygeri dy’Meurth.

An leveryas a leveris bos saw an gowfordh gorvarghas Porthbud, meur hy vri, hag a veu war benn an rol TripAdvisor warlena.

Yth esa derivasow a-dro dhe wedhennow kodhys ow lettya niver a fordhow yn Kernow, le may trehedhas gwynsow tooth a dredhek mildiryow ha tri ugens pub eur, ha Fordhow Meur Pow Sows a leveris y teuth naw gwedhen warn ugens dhe’n leur yn Dewnens dres an nos dy’Sul.

An awelyow ughel a hager-awel Atiyah a gawsyas ynwedh goderrans dhe drenow ha kowbalyow dy’Lun, pan warnyas National Rail bos lies gwedhen ow lettya linyow yntra Pennsans hag Aberplym.

People were warned to stay indoors and avoid the roads unless necessary after gusts of more than 70mph battered parts of the UK overnight.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service issued the advice as it dealt with a number of storm-related incidents.

A similar warning was issued on the island of Jersey. Hundreds of homes in Devon and Cornwall were without power.

In Bude, a road was closed after part of a Sainsbury’s supermarket roof came off on Sunday night.

The supermarket said the store remained closed on Monday morning but staff worked hard to re-open on Tuesday.

The spokesman said the popular Bude supermarket tunnel, which topped the TripAdvisor ratings last year, was safe.

There were reports of fallen trees blocking a number of roads in Cornwall, where winds reached speeds of 73mph, while Highways England said 29 trees came down in Devon overnight on Sunday.

The high winds of storm Atiyah also caused disruption to trains and ferries on Monday, when National Rail warned several trees were blocking lines between Penzance and Plymouth.

Kevarwodher a’n Vorladron Gernewek, Dicky Evans a lever bos an klub ow towlenna gul aga thre Meneghi yn Pennsans galosek a vos le Pennroweth anbarhus.

An dowlen a geslamm gans afydhyans an klub re gavos an tir res dhe Sportva rag Kernow profys, yn oryon Truru. Y hwaytir bos an sportva nowydh drehevys kyns hav diw vil dew warn ugens.

“Agan bodh yw dhe worra agan lytherow kresys ynno rag may hwren ni homma sportva anbarhus,” y leveris Evans.

Yma dhodho towlen teyr bledhen dhe gressya kevarghow y’n klub gans an amkan a waynya avonsyans dhe’n Bennroweth, kyns ygeryans a’n sportva nowydh.

“I a wra agan alowa gorra sportva anbarhus omma dhe’n Meneghi mars eson ni ow trehevel sportva a-ogas ytho yma agan rewler ragdres owth oberi orth mappa rag an sportva may kaffo deg mil a dus yn termyn a dheu,” y leveris Evans dhe BBC Radyo Kernow.

Ni a wayt y kevyn komendyans dhe wul henna, ytho mar hedhyn ni gwartha an kesunyans hag yth eson avonsys ni a yll gwari dhe’n Vorladron.”

An Vorladron re unverhas dhe akwirya an tir res dhe sportva nowydh dhe Langarth, tamm yn mes a Ventrimildir ogas dhe Druru, hag y hwrons alowa an nessa rann a arghasans a’n ragdres dhe vos yn-rag, yn-medh Evans.

“Yth yw nowodhow splann rag an Vorladron ow mos yn-rag, y leveris Evans. “An pyth a hwra styrya, nyns eus dhyn lettys dhe dreusi lemmyn, nyns eus saw ni a’gan honan.”

Y pesyas: “An arghasans yw mater ragon, y hwren ni godhvos moy a-dro dhe henna pan hwren ni gelwel rag profyansow drehevel yn kres a vledhen a dheu.

Gorfennys vydh an sportva kyns diw vil dew warn ugens, mes yth eson ni ow nesa an governans rag nebes arghans. "

Evans a leveris an sportva ha kevarghow kressys y’n para dhe alowa an Vorladron Gernewek dhe witha agan gwella gwarioryon yn termyn a dheu, wosa gweles higer Fiji a vri Sam Matavesi movya dhe Northampton a-dhiwedhes.

“Ni a vynn gwitha agan para warbarth, yma bojet bras rag bledhen a dheu ha’n huni a-wosa, towlen teyr bledhen gans Christ Stirling ha’n para,” y keworras.

“Agan bodh yw dhe gavos tamm rugbi a’n ughella klass y’n sportva, yn gwiryonedh my a wayt y fydhav vy ow mires orth rugbi Pennroweth dhe’n sportva y’n nebes bledhen.

Cornish Pirates director Dicky Evans says the club are planning to make their Mennaye home in Penzance capable of being a temporary Premiership venue.

The plan coincides with the club confirming it has secured the land necessary for the proposed Stadium for Cornwall on the outskirts of Truro. It is hoped the new stadium will be built by the summer of 2022.

"We're looking to put our credentials in to make this a temporary stadium for the Premiership," Evans said.

He has a three-year plan to increase the investment in the club with the aim of winning promotion to the Premiership in time for the opening of the new stadium.

"They will allow us to put a temporary stadium in here at the Mennaye if we are building a stadium nearby, so our project manager is working on a layout for the stadium so it might take 10,000 people in the future," Evans told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"We should get approval to do that, so if we do get top of the league and promoted, we can play down at the Pirates."

The Pirates have agreed to acquire the land they need for the new stadium at Langarth, just outside Threemilestone near Truro, and will allow the next phase of funding the project to go ahead.

"It's great news for the Pirates going forward," Evans said. "What it does mean is we've got no more hurdles to cross now, we're on our own."

He continued: "The fundraising is an issue for us, we'll know more about that when we go to construction tendering in the middle of the year.

The stadium will be ready by 2022, but we are approaching the government for some money."

Evans says the new stadium and increased investment in the squad will allow the Cornish Pirates to keep their best players in future, having seen star Fiji hooker Sam Matavesi move to Northampton recently.

"We're looking to keep our squad intact, we've got a big budget for next year and the following year, a three year plan with Chris Stirling and the team," he added.

"We're looking to really get some top-class rugby into the stadium, in fact I hope to be watching Premiership rugby at the stadium in a few years time."

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys gans Duncan McIntosh ha genev vy Julia Wass. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Duncan McIntosh and by myself, Julia Wass. Until next Sunday, good afternoon to you all.