an 1a a vis Kevardhu 2019

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Mamm yowynk re dherivas na yll hy dismygi hy bewnans heb an aluseneth yowynkneth re’s skoodhyas a-dhia hy dydhyow yn skol gynsa.

An aluseneth, Trelya [sic] hy hanow, re oberas gans fleghes dhyworth teyluyow yn-dann anles a-dhia dhew vil hag onan, ha Tegan – nyns yw henna hy hanow gwir - yw onan a’n fleghes hag a veu skoodhys gensi.

Selys yw Trelya yn Pennsans war drevpark Trenyer hag yw onan a’n ranndiryow an moyha esowys yn Breten Veur.

Dyghtyores an aluseneth, Sharon Rich, a dhisplegyas anedhysi an trevpark ma dhe vatalyas orth lies anles, y’ga mysk, gobrow isel, droggys, garowder y’n mayni, boghosogneth ha kudynnow a yeghes brysel.

An aluseneth a weresas dhe Degan ha hi owth assaya skapya an kudynnow ma. Hi a dheskrifas Trelya avel ‘an teylu a dhewisis vy y junya’, ow keworra, ‘Nyns esa flogholeth pur hweg dhymm a dermyn dhe dermyn... ha mos dhe Dreyla o normalita ragov’.

Trelya a dheuth ha bos an kynsa keffrysias keswlasek an aluseneth Amerikanek, ‘Friends of the Children’, ‘Kowetha an Fleghes’, hag a brovi pub yonker gans kussulyer neb a ober ganso pub seythen dres moy es degvledhen.

Pan wrug an kynsa fleghes dhe vos skoodhys gans an ragdres dalleth dineythi fleghes aga honan, Trelya a ygoras meythrinva, Skylar hy hanow, rag gwitha fleghes mar yowynk avel tri mis aga oos. Pur sewen re beu an veythrinva hag a-gynsow, nebes fleghes res eth dhe junya klassow yn skol gynsa.

Dyghtyores Servisyow Trelya, Cat Keene, a leveris y hwrussa an aluseneth skoodhya fleghes Trenyer, ‘bys pan nag eus edhom dhedha ahanan namoy’.

A young mother has said that she cannot imagine her life without the youth charity which has supported her since her primary school days.

The charity, which is called Trelya [sic], has worked with children from disadvantaged families since 2001, and Tegan – not her real name – is one of the children who has received its support.

Trelya is based in Penzance on the Treneere housing estate which is one of the most deprived areas in Great Britain.

The director of the charity, Sharon Rich, explained that people living on the estate were struggling against many disadvantages, low pay, drugs, domestic violence, poverty and mental health problems.

The charity helped Tegan as she attempted to escape from these problems. She described Trelya as ‘the family that I choose to go into’, adding, ‘I had not a very nice childhood at some points... going to Trelya was normality for me.’

Trelya became the first international affiliate of the American charity, ‘Friends of the Children’ which provides every young person with a mentor who works with them every week over more than a decade.

When the first children to be supported by the project began to have children of their own, Trelya opened a nursery, called Skylar, to care for children as young as three months old. The nursery has been a great success and, recently, some children have gone to join classes at primary school.

Manager of Services at Trelya, Cat Keene, said that the charity would support the children of Treneere ‘until they don’t need us any more.’

Benyn, seyth bloodh ha tri-ugens hy oos, re verwis wosa droglam karr yn Pennsans.

Trethyades o hi yn karr hag a asas an fordh ogas dhe’n Hay, kyns gweskel gwedhen ha ke a brenn.

Goliys yn sevur veu penn lewyer an karr, den eth bloodh ha tri-ugens y oos, ha res veu y dreusperthi yn askel dro dhe glavji Derriford yn Aberplymm.

Herwydh an kreslu, yth eth an karr a-dro dhe fordh a-dro y’n tu kamm mes nyns esa karr vyth aral omvyskys y’n hwarvedhyans ma. Degys veu an fordh dres eth eur ha’n kreslu ow hwithra tyller an droglam.

An kreslu a garsa kewsel gans lewyoryon re wrella martesen fylmya an hwarvedhyans gans kamera skostel.

A sixty-seven year old woman has died after a road accident in Penzance.

She was the passenger in a car which left the road near Heamoor before hitting a tree and a wooden fence.

The driver, who is sixty-eight, received severe head wounds and had to be taken by helicopter to Derriford hospital in Plymouth.

According to the police, the car went the wrong way round a roundabout but no other car was involved in the incident. The road was closed for eight hours while the police were examining the site of the accident.

The police would like to talk to drivers who might perhaps have filmed the incident on their dashcams.

Gwithti Kernow Riel a vydh degys dres eth mis y’n vledhen a dheu awos fowt a vysytyoryon ha kaletterow gans arghasans.

Dyghtyoryon an gwithti re dheklaryas y fydh an darasow degys an dewdhegves a vis Genver hag y hwra eth esel a’n mayni kelli aga soodh.

Kyn fydh an gwithti degys dhe eseli a’n werin, y hyll hwath studhyoryon ha hwithroryon dos dhe studhya y guntellesow dres an termyn ma.

Yth yw war dowl an dyghtyoryon ewnhe to an gwithti hag arnowydhhe an drehevyans dre vras. Y krysir bos kost an oberow ma a-dro dhe gans mil beuns.

Yn-medh kaderyores trest an gwithti, Julie Seyler, ‘An gwithti hag a dhasyger y dharasow yn mis Gwynngala a vydh dihaval, ow sewya arhwithrans rag konvedhes ha metya edhommow an vysytyoryon ha rag mentena an servis y’n termyn a dheu’.

Selys veu an gwithti yn mil eth kans hag etek rag avonsya ha kovadha diwysyans, ertach ha gonisogeth Kernow. Ev a syns, ynter y guntellesow, devnydhyow ha kovadhow a’n istori balweyth teythyek, keffrys ha Lyverva ha Kovskrifva Courtney.

The Royal Cornwall Museum will be closed for eight months next year because of a lack of visitors and problems with funding.

The museum’s managers have announced that the doors will be closed on January 12th and that eight members of staff will lose their jobs.

Although the museum will be closed to members of the public, students and researchers will still be able to come its collections during this time.

The management plan to repair the museum’s roof and modernise the building in general. It is thought that these works will cost approximately £100,000.

Julie Seyler, the chair of the museum’s trust said, ‘The museum that reopens its doors in September will be different, following a consultation to understand and meet the needs of visitors and to sustain the service for the future.’

The museum was founded in 1818 to promote and record the economy, heritage and culture of Cornwall. It holds, among its collections, materials and archives of local mining history as well as the Courtney Library and Archive.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Steve Penhaligon. Steve Harris o an pennskrifer. Bys dy’ Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written and presented by me, Steve Penhaligon. The editor was Steve Harris. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.