29 mis Gwynngala 2019

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Ny vydh darsewyans rag an mernansow a bymp person a Gernow, hag o keskelmys orth kogfornow nammys.

Maureen Cook, seyth bloodh ha dewgens, Audrey Cook, hwegh ha peswar ugens hag Alfred Cook, aswonnys avel John, deg ha peswar ugens, i oll a verwis dhe Gammbron yn diw vil ha tredhek dre bosnans monoksid karbon.

Kevin Branton, dewdhek warn ugens, ha Richard Smith, deg warn ugens a verwis dhe Essa yn diw vil ha deg.

Dhe woslowva kyns-govynadow, kuruner Geraint Williams a leveris na vedha darsewyansow galweythel awos an mernansow.

Govynadow yn diw vil ha dewdhek a-dro dhe vernansow Mester Branton ha Mester Smith a gonkludyas dell varwsons dre wall, mes skwattys diwettha veu an konkludyans gans Lys Ughel.

Awos an ervirans ma, ken govynadow a veu gorhemynnys.

Goslowvaow kyns a veu kedhlys restell yn kogfornow Flavel Mester Branton ha Mester Smith, dhe askorra nivelyow ughel a vonoksid karbon.

Gweythresans Yeghes ha Salowder a leveris bos hemma gwall gwrians “aswonnys” ha na dylir aga oberi ha’n daras deges.

Beko a wrug an kogfornow nammys, hag a’s gwerthas keffrys dre labellow Leisure ha Flavel - dhe weythva yn Turki.

An govynadow kyns a glewas Beko dhe dhos ha bos war an argol salowder yn mis Du diw vil hag eth.

Kyn feu tresys an brassa rann a’n kogfornow nammys, ny veu ogas ha seyth mil anedha.

Ny veu hwath govynadow war vernansow teylu Cook.

Mester Williams a leveris y fedha klewys an dustuni a-dro dhe “biw a wodhya pyth ha p’eur”, ha kevarwodh a-dro dhe’ gwriansow gwrys gans Beko ha re erell a-dro dhe’n daskalwans.

Peter Taheri, yn-unn representya an teyluyow, a wovynnas bos konsidrys fatel veu an kogfornow prevys.

Mester Williams a leveris y hwrussa gasa les an govynadow dhe vos ledanna dell vo yn ken maner, awos “bern poblek” a-dro dhe’n niver prederus a ensamplys a daklow a’gan beus y’gan tre hag a dardh gans tan.”

There will be no prosecutions over the deaths of five people from Cornwall linked to faulty cookers.

Maureen Cook, 47, Audrey Cook, 86, and Alfred Cook, known as John, 90, all died in 2013 in Camborne from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Kevin Branton, 32, and Richard Smith, 30, died in Saltash in 2010.

At a pre-inquest hearing coroner Geraint Williams said there would be no criminal prosecutions in relation to the deaths.

A 2012 inquest into Mr Branton and Mr Smith's deaths concluded they died accidentally but the conclusion was later quashed by the High Court.

In light of this decision, another inquest was ordered.

Previous hearings were told the grills on Mr Branton and Mr Smith's Flavel cookers produced high levels of carbon monoxide.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said this was a "known" manufacturing defect and the grills should not be operated with the door closed.

Beko made the defective cookers - which it also sold under the Leisure and Flavel brands - at a factory in Turkey.

The previous inquest heard Beko became aware of the safety risk in November 2008.

While most of the faulty cookers had been traced, nearly 7,000 had not.

There has not yet been an inquest into the deaths of the Cook family.

Mr Williams said evidence would be heard about "who knew what and when" and information about the actions taken by Beko and others over the recall.

Peter Taheri, representing the families, asked for the issue of how the cookers were tested to be considered.

Mr Williams said he would allow the scope of the inquest to be wider than it might otherwise be, given the "public interest" in the "worrying number of instances of the items which we rely on in our homes bursting into flames"

Perghenoges pastel dir re beu difennys a witha bestes dres pymp bledhen wosa pledya kablus a “vagans dinatur”.

Justine Peroni, dewdhek ha dewgens hy oos, a amyttyas pymp charj a-dro dhe gruelder enevales dhe Breuslys Justisyow Bosvenegh.

Peroni, dhyworth Downderri, Penntorr, a amyttyas hy fall dhe lettya magans dinatur awos alowa tarow dhe barya gans y vamm.

Breusyades Pastel Vro, Diana Baker, a erghis dhedhi pe diw vil peuns a gostow konsel ynwedh.

Hi a veu fronnys dh’y thre ynwedh dres hwegh seythen.

Keffrys ha’n magans dinatur, y kavas para Yeghes Enevales Konsel Kernow ha milvedhogyon dhyworth DEFRA bughes fest askornek, unn vugh gans “gor ow tevera a’y thethen”, ha mesyow kudhys gans taklennow peryllus.

Y feu an peswar ken charj hag a amyttyas Peroni:

• Dew guhudhans a gawsya godhevyans heb res dhe vugh awos fall dhe brovia dyghtyans effeythus tromm rygdhi.

• Faladow dhe brovia kerghynnedh gwiw rag bughes awos aga alowa hedhas dhe daklennow gans an potencyal dhe gawsya shyndyans dhedha.

• Ha, faladow dhe worra lappa war leugh a-ji dhe ugens dydh a’y enesigeth.

Jane Tomlinson, Chif Savonow Kenwerth an konsel, a leveris Peroni dhe skonya aswon kusul an konsel, keffrys ha’n “edhommow sewena an moyha apert”.

“Ni a wra pesya oberi gans DEFRA rag surhe oll a’n bughes dhe vos tennys yn-mes an bastel dir a-ji dhe nebes dydhyow nessa,” y keworras hi.

A smallholder has been banned from keeping animals for five years after pleading guilty to “Unnatural breeding”.

Justine Peroni, 52, admitted five charges relating to animal cruelty at Bodmin Magistrates Court.

Peroni, of Downderry, Torpoint, admitted her failure to prevent unnatural breeding by allowing a bull to breed with his mother.

District Judge Diana Baker also ordered her to pay £2,000 in council costs.

She was also restricted to her home for six weeks.

As well as the unnatural breeding, Cornwall Council’s Animal Health team and vets from DEFRA found emaciated cattle, one cow with “pus dripping from its udder”, and fields covered with hazardous objects.

The four other charges Peroni admitted were:

• Two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a cow by failure to provide prompt effective treatment

• Failure to provide a suitable environment for cattle by allowing them access to items that had the potential to injure them

• Failure to tag a calf within 20 days of its birth

Jane Tomlinson, the council’s Head of Trading Standards, said Peroni ignored the council’s advice, including the “most obvious cattle welfare needs”.

“We will continue to work with DEFRA to ensure that all the cattle are removed from the smallholding within the next few days,” she added.

Protestyores dhegowek Beth, dhyworth Hellys, a leveris bos tus yowynk ow kemeres rann yn astel ollvysel hin drefenn ev dhe “ri govenek dhedha” rag termyn a dheu.

Re beu skolfleghes dres a’n bys ow kul klewys aga levow yn kevres a brotestyansow ow temondya gwrians politek war janj hinek.

Moy es mil person a gemeras rann y’n keskerdh ma yn Truru.

Teenage protester Beth, from Helston, Cornwall, says young people are taking part in a global climate change strike because it “gives them hope” for the future.

School children from around the world have been making their voices heard in a series of protests demanding political action on climate change.

More than 1,000 people took part in this march in Truro.

Fordh a-dro yn Truru re beu henwys an gwella y’n Ruvaneth Unys.

Kowethas Gwethveurheans Fordhow A-dro a wormelas an fordh a-dro ‘quirky’ yn Truru, hag a’s teves sortes henwys Cecile, Patricia, Denzil ha Kizzy.

A roundabout in Truro has been named the best in the United Kingdom.

The Roundabout Appreciation Society praised the "quirky" roundabout in Truro, which features hedgehogs named Cecile, Patricia, Denzil and Kizzy.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys gans Julia Wass, ha genev vy, Duncan McIntosh. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dohajydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Julia Wass and by myself, Duncan McIntosh. Until next Sunday, good afternoon to you all.