14ves a vis Gortheren 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe² dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Degowes neb a² verwis wosa kemeres tri³ felennik ekstasi re² bia ow⁴ kodhevel iselweyth, re beu kedhlys govynadow.

Shakira Pellow, pymthek bloodh hy oos, re bia ow kemeres medhegneth gorthdigolonnek wosa torr demedhyans hy³ herens, dell² glewas va.

Hi a² dhiskaras yn Park Pengegon yn Kammbronn dhe hwegves a² vis Gortheren warlena, ha merwel yn klavji ternos.

Y’n eur na, hy³ theylu a² dhellos skeusen anedhi yn klavji, avel gwarnyans a-dro dhe² dhroggys.

An govynadow dhe Lys Justisyow Truru a² glewas re bia an² dhegowes gans kowetha pan² gemersa hi tri³ felennik mayth esa an ger ‘Duplo’ gweskys warnedha.

Sodhek Helerghyas Aaron Heath dhyworth Kreslu Kernow ha Dewnens, a leveris wosa an govynadow aga bos kemerys yn “rew uskis”.

Hi a² veu kevys diskerys y’n park wosa kowetha dhe² elwel servisyow goredhom. Tri a² gowetha Shakira a² veu gorrys dhe² glavji wosa kemeres an keth pelenigow mes y treusvewsons. Shakira a² wodhevis tri shora kolon ha merwel ternos a fall organ liesek.

An govynadow a² glewas re bia Shakira res ragsettyans a² vedhegneth gordhdigolon, ha re² gemeras hi dew² wordhogen y’n hwegh mis kyns hy mernans.

Doktour William Woodward, Medhyk, a leveris dhe’n govynadow hy bos ow⁴ kodhevel a iselweyth hag ahwer.”

Kuruner darbarer Barrie van den Berg a² govskrifas breus a² “vernans kelmys dhe² dhrogg".

Ev a² venegas y² dhownna keskolonekter dhe² vamm Shakira, Rita Hole, ha’y² theylu rag “koll flogh anporthadow”.

Ms Hole a leveris yn derivas wosa an govynadow an mernans dhe² asa an teylu owth omglewes “gwag gans kolon drogh”.

Hi a leveris re bia gwarnys Shakira a’n argol a² dhevnydhya droggys, hag y leveris “y kodh dhe fleghes bos adhyskys gwell” a-dro dhe’n peryllow.

An govynadow a² glewas dhyworth kreslu neb usi ow hwithra an kas bos cherjys dew² dhen a brovia droggys.

A teenage girl who died after taking three ecstasy tablets had been suffering from depression, an inquest has been told.

Shakira Pellow, 15, had been taking anti-depressants after the break-up of her parents' marriage, it heard.

She collapsed in Pengegon Park in Camborne, on 6 July last year and died in hospital the next day.

At the time, her family released a picture of her in hospital as a warning against drugs.

The inquest at Truro Magistrates Court heard that the teenager had been with friends when she had taken three tablets with the word Duplo stamped on them.

Det Con Aaron Heath, of Devon and Cornwall Police, said after the inquest that they were taken in "quick succession". She was found collapsed in the park after friends called emergency services.

Three of Shakira's friends were also taken to hospital after taking the same pills but survived.

Shakira suffered three cardiac arrests and died the next day from multiple organ failure.

The inquest heard Shakira had been given a prescription of anti-depressants and had taken two overdoses in the six months before she died.

GP Dr William Woodward told the inquest she was suffering from "depression and anxiety".

Cornwall assistant coroner Barrie van den Berg recorded a verdict of a "drug-related death".

He expressed his "deepest sympathy" to Shakira's mother, Rita Hole, and family for the "unbearable loss of a child".

Ms Hole said in a statement after the inquest that the death had left the family feeling "empty and heart-broken".

She said Shakira had been warned of the risks of drug taking and said "kids should be more educated" about the risks.

The inquest heard from police who are investigating the case that two men had been charged with supplying drugs.

Re beu ygerys lido namnag yw parys dhe² dhos ha bos kynsa yn Ruvaneth Unys tommhes owth usya nerth dordesel, mes gans dowr yeyn hepken.

Chifys re² waytsa an tommheans dhe² vos parys rag an ygeryans a² Boll Jubilee yn Pennsans yn hav ma.

Ynjynoryon a assayas drehedhes dowr tomm a² bymthek degre warn ugens down yn-dann² dhor rag tommhe an poll, mes i a frappyas “parth a res dowr fest ughel” hag a styryas ny alsons i mos pella.

Awos henna, yth esa edhom a² bompys tes fenten² dir rag ynkressya an tommder, ow⁴ telatya an ragdres.

Sodhek Chyf Oberyansow Abbie Cranage a leveris y⁵ fia an tommder skwychys yn⁵ fyw mis Du, mes y⁵ hallsa neuvyoryon usya an poll hyli ha henna ow⁴ kortos.

Hi a leveris an poll dhe² wul “dyffrans meur orth an gemeneth”. “Yma meur a² dus lemmyn ow⁴ kortos neuvya dres lies seythennyow, hag ynwedh, avel kowethyans alusenek ni a² vynn ygeri agan darasow seulvegyns, may⁵ hyllyn pesya oberi,” yn-medh hi.

Y⁵ fydh hwarvos ygeryans dhe’n lido dhe seythves warn ugens mis Gortheren, pan iger ynwedh y² goffiji ha terras nowydh.

An poll a ygoras kynsa yn mil naw kans pymthek warn ugens hag yw onan a nebes pollow neuvya ayr apert hyli mortidek yn Europa.

A lido set to become the UK’s first to be warmed using geothermal energy has reopened but with cold water only.

Bosses had hoped that the heating would be ready for the opening of Jubilee Pool in Penzance this summer.

Engineers tried to reach water of 35 degrees deep underground, but they struck “a zone of very high water flow” meaning they could not go further.

That meant ground source heat pumps were needed to top up the heat, delaying the project.

Chief Operations Officer Abbie Cranage said the heat would now be turned on in November, but swimmers would be able to use the sea water pool in the neantime.

She said the pool made a “huge difference to the community”. “We have got lots of people that have been waiting to go for a dip now for several weeks and also as a charitable organization we want to get our doors open as soon as possible so that we can continue to operate,” she said.

There will be an opening event at the lido on 27th July when its new café and terrace will also open.

The pool first opened in 1935 and is one of a few saltwater tidal open air swimming pools in Europe.

Re² dheuth ha bos benyn, neb esa hy bewnans skaldys gans dolor sad, moy abel dell² brederis hi possybyl nevra Polly Tonkins, pymthek warn ugens hy oos, a² veu genys gans hy diwglun diskevelsys hag y⁵ feu res dhedhi pesya ugh-leuvvedhegneth avel flogh yowynk, keffrys pan o hwetek bloodh hag onan warn ugens bloodh.

Mes wosa teyr bledhen a² drenyans trogylgh CrossFit hi a lever bos le gwirhaval yn⁵ feur leuvedhegneth pella awos hy krevder ha yeghes korfek gwellhes.

Yma Polly, dhyworth Ponsnowydh, Kernow, owth entra hy hwarvos kynsa kesstrifus diwedh Gortheren.

A woman whose life was blighted by constant pain has become fitter than she ever thought possible. Polly Tonkins, 35, was born with two dislocated hips and had to have major surgery as a toddler as well as at the ages of 16 and 21.

But after three years of CrossFit circuit training she says her improved strength and fitness means futher surgery is now far less likely.

Polly, from Mylor Bridge, Cornwall, is entering her first competitive event at the end of July.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys gans Duncan McIntosh ha genev vy Julia Wass. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Duncan McIntosh and by myself, Julia Wass. Until next Sunday, good afternoon to you all.