7ves a vis Gortheren 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe² dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Derivys veu y’n² wask genedhlek, an seythen ma, y⁵ hyllir neyja dhyworth porth efanvos Tewynblustri bys dhe Ostrali yn deg mynysen ha peswar ugens erbynn an² vledhen dew² vil, pymp warn ugens.

Byttegyns, an kowethyans a² vynn selya an porth efanvos yn Kernow a leveris na² vynnons i lonchya marnas lorellow byghan dhyworth Tewynblustri ha nag esa towlow dhedha provia servis rag trethysi.

Parys yw an governans ha Konsel Kernow provia arghasans a ugens milvil a² beunsow rag selya an porth efanvos dhe² Dewynblustri. Konsel Kernow a² vynn ri dewdhek milvil a² beunsow dhe’n ragdres hag y⁵ teu ogas hag eth milvil a² beunsow dhyworth Maynorieth Efanvos an Ruvaneth Unys. Dres henna, Virgin Orbit a² wra keworra arghasans a² dhew poynt pymp milvil² beuns rag displegya an system.

Herwydh aga³ thowlennow, y⁵ fydh an lorellow byghan lonchys dhyworth jynnow ebron arbennek. Y⁵ hwrussa an jynnow ebron na yskynna fest yn ughel a-ugh an keynvor kyns lonchya fusen rag danvon an lorell bys yn hy resegva.

Kowethas Virgin Orbit, Syr Richard Branson y² berghen, re² janjyas jynn ebron Boeing seyth peswar seyth, Cosmic Girl y hanow, may⁵ hallo ev dyllo y fusennow ‘LauncherOne’, hag y⁵ fydh an system prevys rag an kynsa prys kyns penn an² vledhen ma.

Yma nebes materyow laghel dhe² vos restrys kyns bos kummyas dhe Virgin Orbit oberi yn-mes a’n Statys Unys mes yma sodhogyon a’n² dhew² wovernans owth oberi warbarth may⁵ fo puptra parys a-dermyn.

Hembrenkyas Konsel Kernow, Julian German, a leveris, ‘Yma an efanvos dhe² golon a’gan erbysiedh y’n kynsa kansvledhen warn ugens’.

It has been reported in the national press this week that it will be possible to fly from Newquay spaceport to Australia in ninety minutes by 2025.

However, the company that wants to base the spaceport in Cornwall said that they only intend launching small satellites from Newquay and they had no plans to provide a passenger service.

The government and Cornwall Council are ready to provide funding of £20 million to base the spaceport at Newquay. Cornwall Council will give £12 million to the project and nearly £8 million will come from the UK Space Agency. In addition, Virgin Orbit will add £2.5 million of funding to develop the system.

According to their plans, the small satellites will be launched from special aeroplanes. These aeroplanes would climb high above the ocean before launching a rocket to put the satellite into orbit.

The company Virgin Orbit, owned by Sir Richard Branson, has adapted a Boeing 747 to fire its ‘LauncherOne’ rockets and the system will be tested for the first time before the end of this year.

There are some legal matters to be settled before permission will be given to Virgin Orbit to operate outside the United States but officials from the two governments are working together to get everything ready in time.

Leader of Cornwall Council, Julian German, said, ‘Space is at the heart of our 21st Century economy’.

Kapten skath byghan a² veu sawyes gans an servisyow goredhom. Gwelys veu ev ow kregi dhyworth y skath, y benn y’n dowr.

Gwithysi arvor a² dhegemeras galwennow pellgows dhyworth lies den esa prederys a-dro dhe lewydh an skath byghan.

Danvenys veu para a² withysi arvor dhyworth Aberfala, an skath sawya RNLI Aberfala, tro askel sawya, skath aral dhyworth porth Truru, keffrys hag eseli a’n² withysi gres ha’n servis karr klavji.

Y’n gwella prys, lewydh skath aral a² dhrehedhas an den neb a glamderas ha tenna an² gorden-ladha rag hedhi an jynn. Treusperthys alena veu an den dhe’n klavji y’n² dro askel an² withysi arvor.

Leveryas a-barth an² withysi arvor, Matt Rogers, a rassas pubonan neb re² bellgowssa dhedha. Yn-medh ev, ‘Kapten y’n skath ma esa ow kwiska korden ladha ha, mar⁴ kwrussa ev kodha yn-mes a’n skath bys yn dowr, an jynn re² wrussa merwel. Yma govenek dhyn may⁵ hallo an den jentyl gwellhe yn⁵ ta’. ²³⁴⁵

The skipper of a small boat has been saved by the emergency services. He was seen hanging from the boat with his head in the water.

Coastguards received ‘phone calls from many people worried about the man at the helm of the little boat.

A team of coastguards from Falmouth, the Falmouth RNLI lifeboat, a rescue helicopter, a Truro harbour vessel as well as members of the police and the ambulance service were all dispatched.

Fortunately, the skipper of another vessel reached the unconscious man and pulled the kill-cord to stop the engine. The man was then transferred to hospital in the coastguard helicopter.

A spokesman for the coastguards, Matt Rogers, thanked everyone who had called them. He said, ‘The skipper in this boat was wearing a kill cord and if he had fallen out of the boat and into the water, the engine would have been stopped. We hope the gentleman involved can make a good recovery."

Hendhyskonydhyon esa ow palas dhe ger Romanek yn Kernow re² dhiskudhas an remenantys a² val ha fordh Romanek.

Kevys veu an² ger ogas dhe² Galstok yn dew² vil ha seyth ha posek dres eghen yw hemma drefen nag eus marnas diw² ger Romanek aral yn Kernow, an eyl dhe Nanstallon ha’y² ben ogas dhe² Gastel Restorrmel.

Hembrenkys yw an hendhyskonydhyon gans Doktor Chris Smart, dhyworth Pennskol Karesk, hag yma hwans dhodho pesya hwithra an kevres a byttys down hag yw junys gans kowfordhow ha dhedha nen y’n furv a² warek.

Ny² gevir meur a remenantys Romanek yn Kernow, ytho pur yntanys yw Doktor Smart gans an diskudhans nowydh ma. Ev a² grys yth esa a-dro dhe² bymp kans souder selys yn ker Kalstok mes martesen namoy es mil souder yn Kernow oll.

Y⁵ fydh moy hwithransow dhe² ger Kalstok yn dew² vil onan warn ugens gans gweres arghasans a’n Arghas Gwari Dall Ertach Kenedhlek.

Archaeologists digging at a Roman fort in Cornwall have discovered the remains of a mine and a Roman road.

The fort was found near Calstock in 2007 and this is extremely important as there are only two other Roman forts in Cornwall, one at Nanstallon and the other near Restormel Castle.

The archaeologists are led by Dr Chris Smart from Exeter University, and he wants to continue searching the series of deep pits which are joined by tunnels with arched ceilings.

Not many Roman remains are to found in Cornwall, so Dr Smart is extremely excited by this new discovery. He believes that there were about 500 soldiers based in Calstock fort but perhaps no more than 1000 soldiers in the whole of Cornwall.

There will be more investigations at Calstock fort in 2021 with the help of funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow” war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a² veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Steve Penhaligon. An pennskrifer o John Parker. Bys dy’ Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written and presented by me, Steve Penhaligon. The editor was John Parker. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.