25ves a vis Est 2019

Dydh da, ha dynnargh dhe² dhyllans a’n seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Dew² venyster gabinet Tori a² wodrigas Truru a-varra y’n seythen ma.

Dy’Lun y⁵ hwodrigas Pen- nvynyster Boris Johnson Klavji Kernow Riel yn Trelosk ha leverel y² vos “gothus” Kernow dhe² gemeres y² “vrassa” kevarghow “es nevra kyns” rag an Gonis Yeghes Kenedhlek.

Deklaryes veu a-varra y’n mis ma bos Klavji Kernow Riel delinyes dhe² gemeres nownsek ha peswar ugens poynt naw milvil a² beuns rag unnsys nowydh rag benenes ha rag fleghes.

Y leveris Mr Johnson bos an arghans kavadow “kettel y’s mynn an klavji.”

Dy’Meurth, Skrifennyas rag Hwel ha Pensyons Amber Rudd a² wodrigas yn Truru Koffiji Deray (Café Chaos), kowethyans kemeneth a skoodh tus woliadow.

Hi a² dhefendyas an Kresys Ollvysel, yn dann leverel y² vos “diogella ha bolla”, ha deklarya kevarghow a gans mil² beuns yn ragdres dhe² dhyski dhe² vayni Kresennow Oberen gweres an² dus gans kudynnow yeghes an brys.

Two Conservative cabinet ministers visited Truro earlier this week.

On Monday Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske and said he was “proud” that Cornwall was getting its “biggest ever” investment for the National Health Service.

It was announced earlier this month that the Royal Cornwall Hospital is in line to receive £99.9m for a new women’s and chil- dren’s unit.

Mr Johnson said the money will be available “as soon as the hospital wants it.”

On Tues- day Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd visited Café Chaos in Truro, a community organisation that supports vulnerable people.

She defended Universal Credit, saying it was “more secure and more transparent”, and announced a £100,000 investment into a scheme to train Jobcentre staff to help people with mental health problems.

Konsel Kernow a leveris y² vos ow fondya kerri-kamera darbarys gans teknologieth awtomatek rag aswon platys niver, may⁵ hyllons i hwithra kerri parkyes yn parthow-parkya trigoryon-hepken yn nebes randiryow Truru.

An kerri-kamera a² wra checkya ynwedh mar⁴ po dhe² gerri yn Porthia kummyas karr-komparek ewn.

An Konsel a leveris ev dhe² dhisplegya devnydh kerri-kamera yn ken randiryow, pan² dho ha bos ken parthow-parkya trigoryon-hepken parthow-parkya kummyas karr-komparek.

Cornwall Council said it was introducing camera cars fitted with automatic number plate recognition technology so checks can be made on cars parked in resident-only parking zones in some areas of Truro.

The camera cars will also check whether vehicles in St Ives have the right vehicle-specific permit.

The council said it would be rolling out the use of camera cars in other areas when other resident-only parking zones became vehicle-specific permit parking zones.

Chogha re beu gwelys dres nebes seythenyow yn Tewynblustri ha gorher McFlurry McDonald’s stag a-dro y² gonna.

Mayni Milva Dewynblustri a leveris bos prederys a’y yeghes, kyn hyll ev – dell hevel – dybri, eva ha neyja.

Leveryades McDonald’s a leveris bos an kowethyans “diswaytys dhe² weles effeyth strolla y’n kas ma.”

Hi a leveris bos gorheryow plastek gorrys dhe² ves a’n faverans dehen rew y’n mis a² dheu, hag an gadon vuanvoos dhe² jangya a-dhiwedhes dhe fardellans karten rag saladys.

A jackdaw has been seen for a few weeks in Newquay with a McDonald’s McFlurry lid caught round its neck.

Staff at Newquay Zoo said they were concerned about its health, although it does seem to be able to eat, drink and fly.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said the company was “disappointed to see the impact of littering in this case”.

She said plastic lids would be removed from the ice cream treat from next month and the fast food chain had recently moved to cardboard packaging for salads.

Lowarth Helygen, ogas dhe Lannvorek, re bia raglevys an Gwella Lowarth y’n Ruvaneth Unys.

Penn rol a² dri³ hans lowarth aral y’n Ruvaneth Unys ova, yn sondyans gwrys gans jornal seythenek lowartha. Moy es tri³ hans pymp ha tri ugens mil a² dus a² wodrigas ena warlena.


The Lost Gardens of Heligan, near Mevagissey, has been voted as the Best Garden in the UK.

It came top of a list of 300 other UK gardens in a poll carried out by a weekly gardening magazine. More than 365,000 people visited last year.

Breder kernewek, Josh ha Sam Matavesi aga hanow, re bia deklarys rann para Fiji rag an Hanaf Oll- vysel Rugbi.

Baghyas Sam a² wari y rugbi klub rag an² Vorladron, ha’y² vroder kottha Josh yw gwarier y’n linen war-dhelergh an Newcastle Falcons.

An² dhew a² wra neyja bys yn Mordir Nowydh rag gwari y’ga diwettha fytt darbaryansek erbynn Tonga an 31ves [unnegves warn ugens] a² vis Est.

Cornish brothers Josh and Sam Matavesi have been named in the Fiji squad for the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Hooker Sam plays his club rugby for Cornish Pirates, while older brother Josh plays in the back line for Newcastle Falcons.

The pair are flying to New Zealand to play their final warm-up match against Tonga on 31 August.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth “An Nowodhow” war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a² veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Wella Morris. John Parker o an pennskrifer. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You’ve been listening to An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s script was written by me, Wella Morris. The editor was John Parker. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.