24ves a vis Du 2019

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Kummyas re beu res rag displegyans nowydh a anedhow yn Goongoner ogas dhe Heyl.

Yn kynsa drehevys vydh anedhow affordyadow.

Kessedhek towlennans a’n isrann west Konsel Kernow a votyas kyns rag ombrofyans meslinen a dowlennans.

I re naghsa towlennow derowel rag ughboynt a dheg annedh ha tri-ugens ena.

A new housing development at Connor Downs near Hayle has been given planning permission.

Affordable homes will be built first.

Cornwall Council’s west sub-area planning committee earlier voted narrowly for an outline planning application.

They had refused original plans for up to 70 homes there.

Oyl palm, melynrudh splann y liw, a diras y’n seythen usi passyes war nebes trethow Kernow a’n west, y’ga mysk Porth Meur yn Porthia, ha Porth Erys ogas dhe Voskaswal Wartha.

Gorholyon a yll livra yn laghel oyl palm, mes ev a yll dos ha bos mostys gans atal erel, ha – drefen y vos dybradow – ev a yll bos tennvosek dhe geun ha dhe enevales erel, yn despit dhe vos gwenonek dhedha.

Kowetha Porth Erys a dhrehevis arwodhyow gwarnyans dhe gerdhoryon a geun.

Yn-medh esel an bagas, Delia Webb hy hanow, “Ny yll’ta fyllel a’y weles yn tevri.

Dell grysav, ny welsyn ni bythkweyth kemmys anodho dhe dira war neb tro. Euthyk yw dhe weles pollen rudhvelyn.

Nyns yw dell yw usys pan welyn oyl palm dhe dira: yn bothennow kales ha korekka.

Dell hevel, pur fresk yw hemma – pur hewask, korek, oylek – hag ev a wra lemmyn pellennow munys.”

Konsel Kernow a wovynnas orth an dus dhe dherivas dhodho mar kwelsons i moy anodho.

Bright orange-yellow palm oil washed up last week on several beaches in west Cornwall, including Porthmeor in St Ives and Portheras Cove near Pendeen.

Ships can release palm oil legally, but it can become contaminated with other waste products and because it is edible, it can be attractive to dogs and other animals despite it being toxic to them.

Friends of Portheras Cove has put up warning signs to dog walkers.

Delia Webb from the group said, “You can’t really miss it.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen this much coming ashore at one time - it’s quite horrific when you see an orange rock pool.

It’s not like we usually see palm oil washing ashore: in hard, waxier lumps.

This seems to be very fresh - still very squishy, waxy, oily and it’s forming tiny globules now.”

Cornwall Council asked people to report any other sightings.

Studhyer re beu prisonyes rag argasreythya y gares y’n gool Boardmasters Tewynblustri yn dew vil ha hwetek, wosa dydh a dhiwessa dres eghen, pan ens i seytek bloodh an dhew.

An den, na yll bos henwys dre resons laghel, a veu prisonyes rag peder bledhen.

An gort a glewas bos an den diagnosys a dhises Huntington ogas dhe dermyn an omsettyans, ha kavos ytho gwaytyans berrhes a vewnans.

Diagnosys veu wosa kelli y das dhe’n keth plit, hag yth esa ev ow studhya newroskiens yn Pennskol Southampton, drefen ev dhe vynnes kavos kur.

Ow preusi, an breusyas, Simon Carr y hanow, a leveris an fethesik dhe omdheskrifa avel “an moyha medhow dell via hi bythkweyth” an nos na. Yn-medh ev, “Gwirhavel yw an trawma a brovas hi hag an galarow a wodhevis dhe besya dres hy bewnans.”

Ev a leveris dhe’n difenner, “Tanow yw dhe leverel hemma, mes hemm yw trajedi gwir ragos ha rag dha deylu.

Omsettyans freudhek o hemma, gwrys medhow pan wodhves ji nag esa hi owth assentya, ha pan dhelledh hi dhe allos trestya ynnos.”

A student has been jailed for raping his girlfriend at the Boardmasters festival in Newquay in 2016, after a day of heavy drinking, when both of them were 17.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jailed for four years.

The court heard how the man had been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease at about the same time as the attack, and so had a shortened life expectancy.

He was diagnosed after losing his father to the same condition, and was studying neuroscience at the University of Southampton as he wanted to try to find a cure.

Sentencing, Judge Simon Carr said the victim had described herself as being “the most drunk she had ever been” on the night and “the trauma she experienced and the agony she suffered is liable to be lifelong”.

He told the defendant: “It is rare to say this, but this is a true tragedy for you and your family.

This was a violent assault committed in drink when you knew she was not consenting and when she should have been able to trust you.”

Res veu dhe dhew dhen bos gwynsyes dhe sawder pan sedhas lester-gwari a dheg tros-hys ha tri- ugens, ugens mildir dhe’n wogledh a Syllan, dy’Lun dhe vyttin.

Gwithyas an arvor, Tago Mcloed y hanow, a leveris bos lestri teythyek pysys dhe weres, ha bos an dro askel sawyans skramblys dhyworth Tewynblustri.

Y kavas an mayni heb shyndyans war skath klos, neppell kyns an lester dhe sedhi.

Two men had to be winched to safety when a 70-ft yacht sank 20 miles north of the Isles of Scilly on Monday morning.

Coastguard Tago Mcleod said local ships were asked to help, and the rescue helicopter was scrambled from Newquay.

The uninjured crew were found on a life raft, shortly before the vessel sank.

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth “An Nowodhow” war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys ha presentys genev vy, Wella Morris. Steve Harris o an pennskrifer. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You’ve been listening to An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s script was written by me, Wella Morris. The editor was Steve Harris. Until next Sunday, good day to you all.