17ves a vis DU 2019

Dohajydh da, ha dynnargh dhe dhyllans an seythen ma ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of An Nowodhow on BBC Radio Cornwall.

Trevbark, may tendil trigoryon nebes gobrow an isella y’n pow, yw parys dhe gavos golok nowydh.

Gwerthjiow, parkow gwari ha chiow oll yw gwaytys bos gwellhes war drevbark Trenyer yn Pennsans, hag y hallsa dalleth ober kyns Nadelik.

Kowethas anedhyans LiveWest a allsa arghasa an ober, gans an amkan dhe wellhe semlans hag omglewans an gentreveth.

Corinne Brown, neb a dhyght gwerthji pysk hag asklos Trenyer, a leveris y vos poran an pyth yw res dhe’n trevbark.

Y’n towlow, y fia nowydhhes an arenebedh prenassa, y fia gorrys tohow nowydh war a-dro dhe gans chi, hag y fia glanhes ha dastekhes moy es tri hans chi.

Leanda Flower, dhyworth LiveWest, a leveris y hwayt an kowethyans y fia an kevarghow kynsa, hag a dhegoodh dos dhyworth arghasans tollva, tennel rag arghasans hag ober pella.

“Posek dhe hemma yw omvyskans an gemeneth ha trigoryon omma,” yn- medh hi.

“Yma kemeneth vryntin omma ha mall yw genen hernessya aga nerth, frethter ha tybyansow dhe shapya an ragdres.”

Chifys Kowethas Anedhyans a leveris i a wayt y fia chonsyow rag trigoryon dhe wellhe aga sleyneth ha dos ha bos omvyskys yn towlennans a’n ragdres.

Trevbark Trenyer re renkas pur isel war rol esowyans an governans.

An rol a dhiskwedhas bos gober war an trevbark y’n isella kansrann y’n pows ha, herwydh Sodhva Statystygyon Kenedhlek, arveth yn Pennsans a godhas deg poynt peswar kansrann ynter diw vil ha naw ha diw vil ha seytek.

Debbie Sims, dhyworth kowethas an drigoryon, a leveris: ”Y’m breus vy, rag an drigoryon y fydh marthys ragdha gallos gweles aga chiow ow mires tamm hwekka yn esthetek.

Y hwra mires pur hweg rag tus ow mos dres an trevbark. My yw pur yntanys.”

A housing estate where residents earn some of the lowest wages in England is set to get a £1m facelift.

Shops, playing fields and homes are all due to be improved on the Treneere estate in Penzance, and work could start before Christmas.

Housing Association LiveWest would fund the work with the aim of improving the neighbourhood’s look and feel.

Corinne Brown, who runs Treneere’s fish and chip shop, said it was exactly what the estate needed.

Under the plans, the shopping area would be renovated, new roofs would be installed on about 100 houses and more than 300 homes would be cleaned and redecorated.

Leanda Flower, from LiveWest, said the organisation hoped the initial investment, which was due to come from revenue funding, would be a catalyst for further investment and work.

“Critical to all of this is the involvement of the community and residents here,” she said.

“There is a fantastic community here and we are really keen to harness their energy, enthusiasm and ideas into shaping the project.”

Housing Association bosses said they hoped there would be opportunities for residents to upskill and get involved in project planning.

Treneere estate has ranked low on the government’s deprivation index.

The index showed income on the estate was in the bottom 1% in the country and, according to the Office of National Statistics, employment in Penzance fell by 10.4% between 2009 and 2017.

Debbie Sims, from the resident’s association, said: “I think for the residents it is going to be great for them to be able to see their houses look a bit nicer aesthetically.

“For people going through the estate it is going to look really nice. I am really excited.”

Pronter demedhys, gans charj eth pluw, re omdhisodhas awos kerensa kudhys dhodho gans pluwoges.

Yth esa dhe Revrond Simon Bone charj eth pluw yn Kernow hag a gomprehend Deveryon, Sen Day, ha Dowr an Chas.

Re skrifas ev dhe Epskop Truru owth omdhisodha a’y soodh.

“Drog down yw genev a’n payn ha distemprans re gawsis vy dhe bubonan, mes yn arbennek dhe’m teylu.” yn-medh ev.

Revrond Bone a afydhyas dhe’n BBC re omdhisodhsa a dheverow oll kelmys orth Epskobeth Truru wosa kerensa kudhys gans pluwoges.

Ev yw esel kesva alusen dhiannedh Sen Petrok.

Ev a dhyskas rag an bronteredh dhe Gollji Ripon yn Konteth Rysoghen, hag a veu gwrys dyagon yn diw vil ha naw.

Ev a junyas Eglos Sen Mighal yn Tewynblustri yn diw vil hag unnek avel pronter keskowethek, kyns bos gwrys pronter chyf a guntel a eth pluw yn Kernow.

Re bia yn soodh a-dhia dhiw vil ha tredhek.

Leveryas rag Epskobeth Truru a afydhyas omdhisodhans Revrond Bone hag a leveris “an epskobeth a gonsider yn sad materyow oll a fara galwesik ha personel, hag y hwra gwrians gwiw dell yw res ha dell greg war bub kasow unnik.”

A married vicar in charge of eight parishes has resigned because of an affair he had been having with a parishioner.

The Reverend Simon Bone was in charge of eight parishes in Cornwall that include Devoran, St Day, and Chacewater.

He has written to the Bishop of Truro resigning from his role as priest in charge.

He said: "I am deeply sorry for the hurt and upset that I have caused to everyone, but especially to my family."

Father Bone confirmed to the BBC he had resigned from all duties relating to the Diocese of Truro after having an affair with a parishioner.

He is a board member of St Petroc's homeless charity.

Father Bone trained for the priesthood at Ripon College in Oxfordshire, and was made deacon in 2009.

He joined St Michael's Church in Newquay in 2011 as an associate priest, before being made the priest in charge of the eight saints' cluster, a collection of eight parishes in Cornwall.

He had been in the role since 2013.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Truro confirmed Father Bone's resignation and said: "The diocese takes all matters of professional and personal conduct seriously, and will take appropriate action as necessary and depending on individual circumstances."

Den dhyworth Kernow, neb a verwis hag ev ow kweres sawya milyow a vewnansow dres omsettyansow Kresen Genwerth an Bys naw-unnek, re beu enorys wosa mernans dhe’n Chi Gwynn.

Rick Rescorla - neb o y’n dalleth dhyworth Heyl, a oberi rag arghantti selys yn tour soth.

Ev a wakhas moy es diw vil ha hanter kans arvedhesik dhe unnek a vis Gwynngala diw vil hag onan kyns dehweles a-ji, mes nevra ny veu kevys y gorf.

Y wedhwes Susan a dhegemeras Medalen Vurjes Lewydhel dhyworth Lewydh Donald Trump.

Mester Rescorla a ganas kanow a Gernow hag ev owth hembronk tus yn-mes Kresen Genwerth an Bys.

A man from Cornwall who died helping to save thousands of lives during the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks in New York has been posthumously honoured at the White House.

Rick Rescorla - who was originally from Hayle - worked for a bank based in the south tower.

He evacuated more than 2,500 employees on 11 September 2001 before returning inside - but his body was never found.

His widow Susan accepted the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Donald Trump.

Mr Rescorla sang Cornish songs as he led people out of the World Trade Center.

Kochas a’n Vorladron Gernewek Gavin Cattle a leveris bos gwayn y bara tri warn ugens - peswardhek dhe Nottingham kenerth brysel splann.

An gwayn a dheuth pymp dydh wosa an vorladron dhe gelli etek - naw dhe dre erbynn Newcastle.

“Ni a aswon dell o posek ragon gwayn omma avel pasven yn frysoniethel,” yn- medh Cattle.

“Yn termyn eus passys, ni re gollas gwari ha dhana dobylhe henna, ytho dos yn mes dhe Nottingham yn kesstudhyow euthyk ma lowen ov, ha ni a yll gweles delit an vebyon wortiwedh.”

Gans kesstudhyow awel y’n nessa hanter na, ni a dynnhas agan fog.” Cattle a geworras dhe BBC Radyo Kernow.

Para kales dhe derri yw Nottingham, lowen en vy y hwortsyn orth agan gonnys, ha ni a gavas an les orth set-piece.”

Cornish Pirates’ coach Gavin Cattle says his side's 23-14 win at Nottingham is a great psychological boost.

The win came five days after the Pirates lost 18-9 at home to Newcastle.

"We know how crucial a win up here was to us as a stepping stone psychologically," said Cattle.

"In the past we've lost a game and then doubled that up, so coming away to Nottingham in these awful conditions I'm pleased, and you can see the delight of the boys at the end."

"With the weather conditions in that second half we really tightened our discipline," Cattle added to BBC Radio Cornwall.

"Nottingham are a tough team to break down, I was just glad that we stuck to our guns, we got the upper hand at set-piece."

Yth esowgh hwi ow koslowes orth ‘An Nowodhow’ war BBC Radyo Kernow. An dowlen an seythen ma a veu skrifys gans Julia Wass, ha genev vy, Duncan McIntosh. Bys dy’Sul nessa, dohajydh da dhywgh hwi oll.

You are listening to ‘An Nowodhow’ on BBC Radio Cornwall. This week’s programme was written by Julia Wass and by myself, Duncan McIntosh. Until next Sunday, good afternoon to you all.